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Third day long distance flight Issoudun under nice circumstances. Daughter New Harry in the lead!

Geplaatst op: 24-6-2019
On Saturday 22 June, the third day long distance race of this season was flown under beautiful summer conditions, from the 590 kilometers distant Issoudun. The pigeons were released at...

Again nice references at One Day Long Distance races

Geplaatst op: 12-6-2019
Last weekend we again received nice references, obtained by Hooymans descendants in the one day long distance races. Jo and Florian Hendriks won the 2nd NPO Montlucon against 4,201 pigeons...

Great results at a stormy Bourges !

Geplaatst op: 11-6-2019
Our pigeons did the impossible last Saturday! From Bourges (560 km) with a southwestern storm they managed to nestle in the head of the NPO competition of 5,266 pigeons! Almost...

“Cease Fire” wins 10th National Messac (627km) for Team Hooymans UK

Geplaatst op: 6-6-2019
Last weekend, 1st of June, Team Hooymans UK made another great performance. They basketted just 2 birds for the National race from Messac (627 km, also across the sea /...

Pont St. Maxence and Toury at the 1st of June

Geplaatst op: 5-6-2019
The past weekend was a sort of ‘in-between weekend’ for us, a middle-distance flight between the middle-distance flights. Because we prefer to keep the pigeons going and because the prediction...

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Niergnies, 13-06-

Saturday, June 13, we participated for the first...



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