Archief van May, 2017

5-10-11-12 against 3.447 birds at Melun! “Marus” in the front!!

Geplaatst op: 29-5-2017
Last Saturday Melun Andrezel was on the program, a middle distance flight with 2 nights basket and a distance of 395 kilometers. The wind was southeast, which is very unfavorable to...

4th and 5th at fast Peronne against 579 birds

Geplaatst op: 22-5-2017
Saturday 20 May our pigeons flew from Peronne (265km). Our 105 participating pigeons were unloaded at 9:30 and high speeds were expected with the south wind. This also turned out when...

John Crehan (UK) (Crehan & O’Connor) has a fantastic start of season 2017!

Geplaatst op: 22-5-2017
John Crehan (UK) (Crehan & O’Connor) has a fantastic start of season 2017! His original Hooymans birds doing a great job, and this is only the beginning! Johns’ plan is...

Quievrain 6th of May

Geplaatst op: 9-5-2017
Last Saturday there was a return flight from Quievrain (190km) on the program. Under sunny conditions and a solid east / northeast wind the pigeons were unloaded at 10:00. Just after...

Smooth Niergnies at 29. April

Geplaatst op: 1-5-2017
It was a smooth flight last Saturday, April 29th! At 9:45 in Niergnies (235km) our pigeons were unloaded, 110 of us on a participant field of 4.187 pigeons from Region...

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Niergnies, 13-06-

Saturday, June 13, we participated for the first...



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