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3-4-6 Lessines against 705 birds !

Geplaatst op: 24-4-2017
Saturday 22 nd April we had a race from Lessines (160km). Against 705 birds we won: 3-4-6-23-25-29-30-31-32-33 etc. (104/43). In our club  we were beaten by Diny van Oss. Her first...

John Crehan opens season 2017 with mega-Hooymans-boom!!!

Geplaatst op: 20-4-2017
At 8. April 2017, the racing season in the United Kingdom started. John Crehan did send 54 Hooymans birds in his first race from Wollaston. In total 1911 birds raced in...

Asse Zellik: 3-4-5th fastest against more than 10.000 birds!! Included 2 daughters Harry!!

Geplaatst op: 18-4-2017
At Saturday 15. April, our first short distance race was on the program, a race from Asse Zellik (124km). We participated with a team of 107 birds. At 2:15 PM,...

Training from Duffel

Geplaatst op: 11-4-2017
Last Saturday, April 8th a training from Duffel (95km) was on the program. We basketed 115 pigeons, at a total of 402 pigeons in the club and over 3,000 pigeons in...

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Niergnies, 13-06-

Saturday, June 13, we participated for the first...



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