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High speed race from Lessines

Geplaatst op: 30-4-2018
Last Saturday, the 28th of April, our pigeons flew Lessines (160km) again, just like the week before. There was chosen for this station because of the bad weather forecast for...

Grandchild “New Harry” wins 1st Interprovincial & 8th Interprovincial !

Geplaatst op: 27-4-2018
Grandchild “New Harry” wins 1st Interprovincial & 8th Interprovincial ! In Italy, the racing season is already at the longer distance races. The last 2 weekends, (14th April, 21st April),...

Grandchildren Harry immediately top

Geplaatst op: 25-4-2018
The racing season has only started cold or the first references are already rolling in the mailbox. Our clubmate Peter Bambacht from Hellouw won the 1st from Regio C against...

A sunny Lessines 21-04-2018

Geplaatst op: 23-4-2018
Sunglasses on, nice drink in hand, blue sky and the tension of pigeon homecoming … do you want more? That was pretty much the picture of last Saturday 21st of...

First race from Asse Zellik. Son Harry Junior 2nd against > 2.000 birds

Geplaatst op: 16-4-2018
On Saturday, April 14th, the 2018 racing season officially started for our department. Other departments have already started, year after year it appears difficult for department boards to come up...

German Supercrack from an inbred “Harry”

Geplaatst op: 13-4-2018
Heinz & Siegfried Müller from Germany (Rheine) have topquality at their lofts. Last years, the put themselves in the spotlights due to stunning result. For some years back, they had...

Start van vliegseizoen 2018

Geplaatst op: 10-4-2018
We zijn inmiddels al weer aangekomen bij een nieuw seizoen, vliegjaar 2018. Vanaf nu gaan we weer wat frequenter nieuws plaatsen op onze website. Zo gaan we wekelijks weer onze...

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Niergnies, 13-06-

Saturday, June 13, we participated for the first...



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