Great results at a stormy Bourges !

11 June 2019

Our pigeons did the impossible last Saturday! From Bourges (560 km) with a southwestern storm they managed to nestle in the head of the NPO competition of 5,266 pigeons! Almost always we cannot catch a head with strong southwest wind because the pigeons then fly too far. Last weekend we managed to clock 3 hens on time, namely 3rd, 4th and 6th NPO.

We were shivering beforehand and hoped for a happy ending. The weather was extremely turbulent and there were many showers in the air. Around 2:45 pm a few pigeons suddenly came wing to wing with an average of almost 120 kilometers per hour over 560 kilometers. Three widow hens, of which the 031/18 was the most motivated by sprinting first. A few minutes later 2 cocks appeared on the apple and after that the arrivals started well. We brought a total of 213 pigeons, including over 100 ZLU pigeons (preparation for Agen ZLU). We win a total of 62 prizes, not a high percentage due to the wind and the large number of long distance pigeons that are not at their best. In the department we take 5 pigeons in the first 30 NPO and 18 pigeons in 1:10.

The first pigeon NL18 / 5002031 is a fantastic beautiful chequer hen with a very bright eye.
She has for the most part the same genes as her half-brother “New Harry” because her father is “Beauty Harry” and her mother is “New Stareye”.
Beauty Harry is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather of a lot of good pigeons and top prizes.
New Stareye comes through Christian van de Wetering and is also mother of 3 different top 10 NPO teletext winners (with 3 different cocks) and seems to be following in the footsteps of her fantastic half-sister “Stareye” (mother New Harry and Harry Junior).

Pedigree 031/18

The second pigeon NL18-5002289 comes from a direct son of “New Harry” and “Sister Harry 422” (which is the mother of Hans, 1st NPO Gien). The mother of the 289 is a daughter of “Goede Zwarte” x “Vici”, 2 pigeons bred by Victor Massart (B).
Via Ype Hemstra (Team GPS) we acquired the super hen “Vici”, who herself was a top racer but also bred 3 teletext pigeons in a short time. Her grandchildren also fly TT and head. The breeder of “Vici”, Victor Massart, died in 2015 and we bought in the winter of 2015/2016 the parents of Vici and the then 12-year-old ancestor “Goede Zwarte” (brother of Vici’s father). Now, a few seasons later, we have already achieved a whole series of top 10 NPO prizes from those pigeons. They are typical pigeons that are super in the hand and can easily show themselves from nothing with a top rating.
Also at Team Hooymans NL two pigeons from the Massart-lines head with 34th and 76th NPO Bourges on this flight.

Pedigree 289/18

The third pigeon is the NL17-1410821, a very late one from 2017, which was played last year.
Her father is “Brother Harry 910”, one of the youngest brothers of “Harry”.
Her mother is “Dreameye Harry”, a super sister of “New Harry” and she won 1st Quievrain against 11,337 pigeons, among other things. She was already grandmother of two Teletext pigeons, but now also mother of the 6th NPO Bourges.

Pedigree 821/17

We see the “Beauty Harry” in all three pigeons in the pedigree. What a top breeder that is.!




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