4th and 5th at fast Peronne against 579 birds

22 May 2017

Saturday 20 May our pigeons flew from Peronne (265km).
Our 105 participating pigeons were unloaded at 9:30 and high speeds were expected with the south wind.

This also turned out when 12:11 arrived two pigeons (1644mpm).

Shortly after, some pigeons followed, but our pigeons did not come in.
Meanwhile, some dips fell inside, but the pigeons remained “praying” above the flap and flew through again.
We’ve been experienced with this more about in the last few weeks with the pigeons, they were beautiful in time, but they lost their prices
by not to come in. This weekend it will appear to be a spicy middle distance race(400km) with warm
Circumstances, wondering if walking in is better then.

Eventually we play 27 prizes from the 105 pigeons, of course we are not happy even though we had a lot more
prices if they came in. Our first 2 pigeons (doffers) will get prizes 4 and 5 in our strong association.
Below the top10:

The first three pigeons in the club are also Hooymans pigeons, played by C. van de Wetering.
The first prize winner (also 3rd in the CC against more than 3,000 pigeons) is bred from a “Half Brother New Harry” coupled with a full sister of “Beauty Harry”!

Our own first pigeons were both yearlings.
The first clocked is a child from “Harry” linked to a daughter of “Hind” (2x top10 NPO and dtr James Bond).

Our second comes from “Blue Baron” (Colijn & Fox) linked to daughter “Harry x Alexia”.
This yearling is busy with already 2 prizes 1: 100 and 4 prizes 1:10 on the 6 flights so far.

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