5-10-11-12 against 3.447 birds at Melun! “Marus” in the front!!

29 May 2017

Last Saturday Melun Andrezel was on the program, a middle distance flight with 2 nights basket and a distance of 395 kilometers.

The wind was southeast, which is very unfavorable to us (we have a south-eastern position).
At 6:30 the pigeons were already unloaded and the expectation was that a 90km/u had to be reached.
However, this proved to be a big mistake because the conditions were much heavier than we thought beforehand.

Under the burning sun, the first bird arrived at 11:22 and fell on the flap after an half cirle around the loft.
Te speed was 1351mpm, far below our expectations.

A few minutes after that, 3 widowers followed. It seemed like a smooth flight, but soon the pigeons came slower and slower. In an hour, we had almost 30% of the pigeons at home and with taking off the clocks, we had only 60% at home.
Fortunately, there were many pigeons in the Saturday evening and Sunday morning so the losses were minimal.

Our first pigeon also picks the 1st prize in the club against over 600 pigeons. In addition, a nice 5th regional against 3,444 pigeons.
A top performance of our “Marus”, the 14/212, because he was the first to arrive.
Below the top10 of the club


The first bird was the three year old widower “Marus” 1209212-14.
He won the 1st Argenton in the Northern Union and was then the fastest of 2,916 pigeons.
Marus is from “The 4000” (brother Harry) x “Arielle” (direct Arie Dijkstra).

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