First race from Asse Zellik. Son Harry Junior 2nd against > 2.000 birds

16 April 2018

On Saturday, April 14th, the 2018 racing season officially started for our department.
Other departments have already started, year after year it appears difficult for department boards to come up with 1 starting date.

Our Region C stood with the pigeons in Asse Zellik, for us just under 125 kilometers. It promised to be a breeze with the south wind, turning west. No less than 162 pieces we had put into the basket for this first flight. Always exciting again and how will they let them come back. At 11:30 the pigeons were released, the expectation was that they would make a 1500mpm so they would have to be around 12:52. This was quite right because shortly after that the first pigeons arrived, which unfortunately continued to fly. The group of arriving pigeons was getting bigger, but at 12:55 the first 2 pigeons fell, followed by a bunch at 12:56 and 12:57.
Within a quarter of an hour there will be an 80 and in the course of the afternoon almost all pigeons found their home in Kerkdriel again.

In the club the result was a bit disappointing, thanks to the bad coming in. Against 740 pigeons we start with 16 and 17 and we get 23 prizes from 162 pigeons. In Region C1 against 2,091 pigeons we start with 27 and 28 and we fly 47 prizes of 162 pigeons.
No shocking result but if we look at how the pigeons look like and how they have trained again today (Monday), we know that health is there.

Our first pigeon was a late youngster of 2017 (played few short distance races). The father is from “Harry x Alexia”. The mother is “Leontine”, a great racing hen who as a yearling won three times Teletext and we obtained from Leon Dautzenberg.

The top4 in the club and Regio C1 against 2,091 pigeons was for satellite loft Van de Wetering, where a direct son of Harry Junior wins the 2nd of 2,091 pigeons. A grandchild “New Harry and Alexia” wins the 3rd of 2,091 pigeons.

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