Asse Zellik: 3-4-5th fastest against more than 10.000 birds!! Included 2 daughters Harry!!

18 April 2017

At Saturday 15. April, our first short distance race was on the program, a race from Asse Zellik (124km).
We participated with a team of 107 birds.

At 2:15 PM, the regios B+C from our department let fly the birds in Asse Zellik. A total of 10.813 birds did participate.
The birds had a strong north/west wind on the route to home, so they had to work for it.

At 3:41 PM, our first 3 birds arrived, all widowhood-hens.
Shortly after, many birds arrived and they came home like trains.
The hens did it much better than the cocks.

The result in the club was 2-3-4-9 against 458 birds.
In our region against 2.054 birds, we won 2-3-4-11-27-29-31-36-37-43-44-45-67-83- etc.
31 prizecards in the best 10% and 44 prizes of 107 birds!

race asse


From the total escape, we won 3-4-5 against 10.813 birds!!  

Our first birds are 2 direct daughters of Harry (!!) and a granddaughter of “Jonge Bliksem”. Two hens from ’15 and 1 from ’13.

The first birds is a light chequer hen, direct from Harry paired to Herman Pouw lines.


The 2nd birds was NL13-1395029, a good oldy.
Her father is a son of “Jonge Bliksem” and a grandson of “Harry”.
Her mother is bred from “800” (Gebr. Scheele) x “Last One” (Jan and Rik Hermans)


3rd bird was NL15-1849416, a blue hen, also direct from “Harry”. “Harry” was paired to a daughter of “Da Vinci” x “Scheele” , a Veenstra x Gebr. Scheele crossing.



We hope we can keep the racing team in such a good condition and we look forward to the next race.

If you have questions, email us at

Everybody good luck in the next race.

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