Son Harry wins 1st Provincial Asse Zellik against 4.544 birds!

4 July 2017

Last weekend, Teletekst-race Melun (395km) was on the program.
Due to the bad weather in France (and the whole of the Benelux), it was decided to bring the pigeons back to Belgium and to settle in a suitable place.

Finally, Sunday, July 3 the birds were unloaded in Asse Zellik (124 km.) at 15:10 with a strong northwest wind. Although we would rather have had a nice middle distance flight with this wind, we were still pleased that the birds were released. Our participation consisted of a total of 90 pigeons, including 43 pigeons, 20 złu pigeons and 27 yearling doffers.

At 16:41 four birds arrived directly from the south..2 of them landed on the antenne, both cocks. The other 2 birds (hens) would come in and keep flying for some minutes. Other birds arrived and we clock at those times:  16:41 (2x), 16:43 (2x), 16:44 (5x), 16:45 (4x), 16:46 (5x) etcetera. Finally, the 2 cocks are good for the 1st and 2nd place in Afdeling 7 Provincial against 4.544 birds.

In our club against 202 birds we won: 1-2-4-6-7-8-9-10-12-15-16 etc! (90/28)

In Regio C against 1.242 birds we won:  1-2-14-28-29-30- en 16x top100 (90/29)

In Afdeling 7 against 4.544 birds we won: 1-2-15-36-39-40-57 etc! (90/31)

Our winner is a chequer yearling cock, 1662728, direct bred from “Harry” paired to an inbred “Kannibaal” hen (via Herman Pouw) Look here for the pedigree of the winner:

Our 2nd bird was a yearling cock also, 1662824, bred from an original Albert Derwa cock paired to a daughter of “Harry” x “900” (halfsister Harry and mother to top breedinghen “Janny” at Gebr. Scheele, mother 7x top10 NPO)

3rd bird was “Corrie”, the hen that won 3rd NPO Bourges last week for us.
Now she took a nice 15th provincial against 4.544 birds.


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