Team Hooymans NL wins 1st against 7.081 birds at the first race of 2020

4 June 2020

Saturday, May 30, the first flight for Department 7 Central Netherlands was on the program. Despite the fact that the points could not be played due to the corona virus, an arrival list was made so that the fanciers can compare the arrival times (result).

We kept the one day long distance pigeons of our own at home (loft J. Hooymans, Kerkdriel) with a view to the weekend of June 6 because we could go directly to France. That was the normal flight line for us and on May 30 Neeritter was on the schedule, which is the southeast line. We decided to participate in the 90 pigeons for the ZLU / overnight long distance, especially as endurance training.

Most pigeons were kept at home in the satellite loft of Christian (Team Hooymans NL) too. But he selected 7 yearlings to participate in Neeritter.

In Neeritter, Section 7 South released a total of 7,081 pigeons, 7 of which from Team Hooymans NL from Wijk en Aalburg. The golden combination, in which Christian van de Wetering flies on his own location with pigeons from Jan Hooymans, immediately gives the calling card to their first participation in 2020: with radiant pigeon weather and an east wind, the NL19-1022525 of Team Hooymans NL is flagged as fastest of the entire competition of over 7,000 pigeons. The 525 even had time left because at its speed of 1605 mpm, no pigeon arrived by far. The successor came to 1585 mpm so we can speak of a victory with a lead. Christian: “I hadn’t expected them yet. Around 9:45 at the earliest I thought. Was still rumbling in the garden when my wife Marieke said to me: I think a pigeon entered, is that possible? I easily walked to the loft and saw the 525 nodding perkily at her cock. Her time was 9:36:49 ”.

Team Hooymans NL, Wijk en Aalburg (Jan Hooymans & Christian van de Wetering)

A great start to the season! The winning hen is a beautiful blue hen. On father’s side she comes from an inbred cock to the top couple “Wacko Freddy x Lieve” from P.E.C. (which also includes Porsche 911). On the mother’s side she comes from a daughter of “New Harry” coupled to daughter “Harry x Alexia”. The mother is also a half sister of “Dion Harry” (3x top10 NPO in the one day long distance) and of “Lieke” (8th Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance 2019 and 2x teletext).

Below a short movie of the winner and her pedigree.

Pedigree of the winner of 1st against 7.081 birds

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