Son “Alexia” won 4th Acebird Youngbird Nat. Competition Fondspiegel!

22 January 2018

At the national competition “De Fondspiegel” we had the 4th best bird at the youngbirds. Our young cock  NL17-1410233 achieved very well in his birth-year. At the 3 longest young birds races (these 3 counts for this competition), he was the 4th best bird of all Holland.


The “233” won at these longest races:

18th NPO Melun against 6.025 birds
37th NPO Pont St Maxence against 7.536 birds
50th NPO Roye against 8.755 birds

The “233” is born from a special pairing, a proven pairing that did bred several good birds already. “Dolce Beauty”  (NL11-1159921, original Pieter Veenstra) paired to “Alexia” (full sister Harry, NL10-1864544 and herself 1st NPO winner).

Earlier, this pairing bred “Alyda” (NL13-1395249). She won:
1st NPO Bourges against 4.843 birds
8th NPO Blois against 6.613 birds
3rd Melun against 1.046 birds

But also “Alex” (NL13-1395110) was bred from this pairing, he won:
2nd NPO Argenton, total Noordelijke Unie total release of 2.916 birds
27th NPO Chateauroux against 3.492 birds

Also from “Dolce Beauty” x “Alexia” Wout Spierings has an exceptional breedinghen NL12-1783985 “Daughter Alexia”.

She is mother to:
1st Nat. Asduif Jong Topwings
4th Nat. Asduif Jong 2015
4thNPO La Souterraine against 3.694 birds
5th NPO Fontenay against 7.938 birds
5th Prov St. Quentin against 6.460 birds
8th NPO Limoges against 3.390 birds

But she is also grandmother to:
1st NPO Fontenay against 9.425 birds
3rd NPO Fontenay against 9.425 birds


Here the pictures of the pairing Dolce Beauty x Alexia:


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