Sunny Saturday with sparkling results! (6-6-2015)

18 June 2015

Last Saturday we had again a surprising experience!


From the NPO race of Bourges (563km) we won 10e NPO + Teletekst and from our 40 racers we have 7 birds top100 NPO !! Also we have again very good references:

– C&G Koopman won 1e NPO SOUPPES with a granddaughter Harry !!! – Rik Hermans (B) won 1e Nationaal Chateauroux KBDB against 44.293 birds with his topbird “Friendship”, a grandchild to “Harry” and “Last One” !! – Gebr. Scheele won 4th NPO with their ”Argenton” (now this bird won 5x Top4 NPO) and he is bred from ”Jannie” an original J.Hooymans bird! Later this week more about this…!

Back to Bourges. At 7:30 birds escaped. Our province send 5.181 birds, including 40 of us. We send 31 hens and 9 cocks. The wheather was perfect and Sunny and we expected to have birds around 14:30-15.00 . At 14.56 in 1 line there was our “Annie”, a blue 2-year old hen. Directly she landed on the antenne and sprinted to her partner. She shows pure motivation so we thought already it was not a bad time.

148-kop-337x450 148-lijf-337x450

4 minutes later arrived our Jantine”. In 30 minutes we clocked 21 birds of our 40 sended birds. The most important fact is that we won the 10th NPO Bourges this time. We are very happy because the NPO races are exactly the ones where we have to stay there, and now in 2 races we have 2x Teletekst. Amazing!  

In our club against 186 birds we won the total top10 and won 22/40 prizes. Only 3 of the 9 cocks winning prizes. 19 from the 31 hens winning also prizes. So the hens are in form…

In Regio C2 we won against 702 birds: 3-8-10-11-15-16-22-28-31-38-57-59-61-67-78-90-98-104-106-119-141.

In afdeling 7 NPO against 5.181 birds we won: 10-32-48-49-60-63-93 and 15 birds in the best 10%

First bird was “Annie”, 13/148 a middle sized blue hen.  She won this season 7 prizecards including 5x 1:10. At Bourges she won her 8th prizecard. Op Bourges pakt ze haar 8e prijs en dit is meteen haar “persoonlijk record” met een 10e NPO Bourges! Her father is a halfbrother ”Harry”. Her mother is a direct daughter to the best pair of Gebr.Scheele.


2nd bird was “Jantine”, 10/538. She won 32e NPO Bourges. Last years she won: 9e NPO Bourges 16e NPO Chateauroux And this season she won at the first NPO race  65e NPO Blois.  In total now 9 prizecards 1:100. This season she won already 7 prizecards with 5x 1:20. A tophen. Her father is topbreeder “James Bond” (brother Harry). Her mother is ”Tineke”(from the old W Zoontjens lines)




Third bird was 13/029, and she won 48e NPO Bourges.  Her father is from ”Jonge Bliksem” paired to a daughter of ”Harry x Marijke”. Nice to know is that another daughter to “Harry x Marijke” in the same weekend won the 1st NPO Souppes for C&G Koopman! Her mother is a daughter to “Last One”….the same “Last One” was paired to “Harry” onetime and from a son of “Harry x Last One”   Rik Hermans won last weekend the  1e Nationaal Chateauroux against more than 44.000 birds in Belgium !!

To make a long story shorter….everything is about super pigeons!

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