Jan Hooymans: “Performing yourself is fun, but someone who flies early with my pigeons makes me proud”.

17 September 2018

In our own loft we managed to win the 8th and 9th NPO Melun last weekend, which was also good for the 10th and 11th National Sector III against 8,389 pigeons.

In terms of references, however, it was also ‘cutting thick planks’ as they sometimes say nicely.

  • Our clubmate Diny van Oss made a super result by winning 1 to 5 National on Melun, with no less than 4 pigeons that were bred from direct Hooymans pigeons.
  • But also Alex van Zomeren (Tiel) wins the 10th NPO with a direct Hooymans pigeon, which he got from us this spring after the slaughter in his loft by a marten.
  • In Province 4, Limburg, Jo and Florian Hendriks, Nijswiller, won the 1st NPO Orleans and a whole bunch of top pigeons, where in almost every top pigeon a part of Hooymans blood is present. More about these fantastic references later this week.


We had basketed 88 early youngsters on the ‘national’ Melun. Compared to the competition they had a few flights less in the wings but we made the choice to play them for the experience. Every nice price is included. After the teletext listing on Niergnies a few weeks ago, we now take 2 teletext notations again and we are therefore extremely content.

In the NPO Div.7 competition against 3.882 pigeons we win: 8-9-32-71-73- (29/88)
In the Nat.Sector III competition against 8,389 pigeons we win: 10-11-44-105-107- (33/88) and 21x 1:10.

Our first two pigeons arrived simultaneously. The NL18-5174071 runs first across the antenna. Bred from two proven breeding pigeons. Father is “Dolce Beauty” (from Mr Blue x Dolce Vita via Pieter Veenstra). He is already the father of 1-2-8-10 NPO in one day long distance competitions and the 4th National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel Young 2017.
Mother of the “071/18” is “Gebroken Pootje” a full sister of Harry and just like Harry born in 2007. Her grandchildren fly well with, among others, Gerard Koopman and Hans Dekkers. A grandchild of her gave the 2nd National Melun in 2016 to Hans Dekkers.

Take a look at the pedigree of 8th NPO Winner 071/18:


The second pigeon on the clock was the NL18-5002047 a Blue White Flight hen. Small but nice and a terrible wringer in the hand. Her father is “Harry Junior” super breeder from “Harry x Stareye”. This is already the 5th teletext pigeon (top10 NPO) from Harry Junior, in one year!
The mother of the 047 is the NL16-1663910 a direct daughter of “Hilde” (sister Harry). The 910 is grown together with Combination Mantel. Hilde was paired against “Brother Armani” (top breeder and father of Fortuna, 6x 1st prize). For the 047 it was her fourth prize on 7 basketings, of which now three times 1:10.



The season is over again. Especially in the one day long distance we have achieved some nice results, including twice the 1st NPO.
The 2nd NPO Bergerac (1st Northern Union Zone) is also a performance that we are proud of.

But what we have a lot more content about is the long ‘laundry list’ of references that constantly rolled inside.
Every week, from April to September, our Hooymans lines performed great in many lofts in the Netherlands and far beyond. Ultimately, those references also indicate the absolute power and inheritance of our tribe and that is something that counts for us too. As Jan Hooymans always says: “Performing yourself is fun, but someone who flies early with my pigeons makes me proud“.





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