“Yolanthe” – 2 x 1.NPO – moves to Kerkdriel !

11 July 2017

Saturday 8. July, the NPO Race Bourges was flown for departments 7-8-9 (combined in the North Union, N.U.)

The winner in department 7 was our “Baron Harry”.
In the total N.U. race from 14.266 birds, he was 2nd, because of a yearling hen, NL16-1342102.
This hen was raced by Hans Hak from Maurik. This superhen, “Yolanthe”, wins 1st N.U. Bourges against 14.226 birds
It makes it extra special that “Yolanthe” has won a 1st NPO earlier this season!
At NPO Gien, she won 1st NPO against 9.395 birds. With a lead of 11 kilometers!! (31 mpm)

So only 1 year old and already 2 big NPO victories on her resultlist.
1. N.U. Bourges against 14.226 birds  (583km)
1. NPO Gien against 9.395 birds  (514km)
Of such top talent, every pigeonfancier is charmed.
Therefore, we are very proud to announce that “Yolanthe” is moved from Maurik to Kerkdriel!
Last night, Jan Hooymans, Hans Hak and topwinner Yolanthe drank a delicious glass of champagne.

Afther “Olympic Magnum” (4 x top10 NPO and 1st Olympiad LD 2017) a new superstar inforces our breedingteam! We hope to have very good offspring from “Yolanthe” in the future.




Hereby the pedigree of “Yolanthe”


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