Wintertime !

11 November 2015

More than a week ago, wintertime has started already. The always good Golden Ten is past and we now work up to the coming breedingseason. We start to breed at the end of this month.

Our breeders look fantastic, the racers must moult around 1 or 2 feathers of their wings. Five weeks ago we treated our pigeons against Paratyfus and after the cure, we vaccinated them. We don’t want to take risks with our rather large colony.

In our mailbox, Op de mail we get many nice emails of fanciers who are very satisfied with our pigeons. We are always happy to read, that in other lofts ours bloodlines make a difference in the flights. What do you think about the next Acepigeon titles, won by pigeons with Hooymans blood, at the national level:
* 2e Beste Jaarling van Nederland (Pipa Rankings)
* 3e Nationaal Asduif Jong NPO
* 3e Nationaal Asduif Natour NPO
* 4e Asduif Oud van Nederland (Pipa Rankings)
* 7e Nationaal Asduif Jong NPO
* 8e Beste Jaarling van Nederland (Pipa Rankings)
* 11e Asduif Oud van Nederland (Pipa Rankings)

Some messages we picked out:

Wout Spierings from Waalwijk belonged in 2015 to the national summit with his youngsters. At NPO acepigeons he even had two pigeons in the national top 10, namely the 3rd and the 7th National Ace Pigeon. What is wonderful is that both pigeons are bred from direct Hooymans pigeons (paired to the old top stock of Wout himself).

The 3rd National Ace was “Princess Alexia”, a super hen which, among others, has written a Rayon victory to her name. Her father is from the basic lines of Wout himself. Her mother is “Daughter Alexia,” bred out “Dolce Beauty x Alexia“. It is a full sister to our 1st NPO winner 2015 “Alyda” and 2nd NU Argenton winner “Alex”. Alexia herself won the 1st NPO Chateauroux and is a full sister of “Harry” from the basic couple “Young Lightning x Dirkje”. Here the pedigree:

747 3e Nat.Ace 2015

The 7th National Ace Pigeon Young NPO is a cock, a real topper with already 4x 1: 100 in his year of birth. His father is “Prince Harry”, a direct son of “Harry“, coupled with his supersis “Laatje 56” (Self-ao 2nd NPO Salbris). A brother and sister pairing from the main couple “Young Lightning x Dirkje”. This crossed against the trunk of Wout itself gives the following pedigree:

764 7e Nat.Ace 2015

From the northern Twijzelerheide we got from Siebren (SD) Wierstra a message that he had two sublime yearlings with “Hooymans” -blood. Both birds kicking high in the beautiful competition “Pipa Rankings”.

First there is the superhen “747-14” granddaughter “Young Harry.”

She classifies herself as 2nd Best Yearling Netherlands in 2015 in the Pipa Rankings and 4th Best Old Ace in the Netherlands in the Pipa Ranking. Mind you, we are talking about a yearling! This top hen won a whopping 4 first prizes but also a 2nd against 2.092 pigeons and 3rd of 1045 pigeons. She is bred from a grandson “Harry”. Her father comes directly from the “Young Harry” by Anton Ruitenberg from Zwolle. Anton these “Young Harry” purchased from us and is bred from “Harry” x “Sister James Bond” (Vandenabeele). Here the pedigree


Wierstra had another top yearling, yearling hen “Emerald“. This was 6th Ace Pigeon Fond GVT in 2015 and 93rd Best Yearling Netherlands (Pipa Rankings). Also this hen won 3rd Provincial Laon against 6586 pigeons. Her mother comes from an inbred “Harry” by Anton Ruitenberg grown from “Geschelpte Gerrit” (brother Harry) x “daughter Harry.” Here the pedigree:


Also of the top fanciers Combination Verbree from Putten (also our competitors in Section 7), we got a nice email. Their direct Hooymanshen “Swetlana” has become a tribe of their pillars of the loft. Or, as Co and Piet himself write to us: “Super breeding hen and a new Basic-Hen on the Verbree Loft”.

Great to hear! “Svetlana” is bred from one of our very best breeders, “James Bond“, a direct son of main couple “Young Lightning x Dirkje” and full brother to Harry.

Swetlana is mother to ao:

NL.10-1326742 m  “Lucky Boy” 
Vader van :  NL.12-1283766   ao.
1 –  422 p.
26 – 6170 p.
46 – 6483 p.
26 – 2978 p.

NL.10-1326741 v  “Lucky Lady” 
Moeder van:  NL.12-1283800  ao.
1 – 9986 p.
5 – 2608 p.
20 – 7004 p.
13 – 3182 p.
46 – 5832 p.

NL.13-1852604 v   “Bella”
Bourges              4  –  1583 p.   ( 1 – 401 p.)
Nanteuil Le H.  24  –  2608 p.
Duffel                 60  –  6170 p.
In 2015   16 pr.  1:4

NL.14-1651235 v  “Tanya
Melun                11  –  8062 p.
Feluy                   6  –  2978 p.
Feluy                 14  –  1682 p.

NL.14-1651343 v  “Sister Platino
Melun                 14  –  8062 p.
Pnt. St. Max.       41  –  8244 p.

The very best child of “Swetlana” at this moment, is super yearling NL.14-1651344 m  “Platino”. As a youngster this creack already proved his class by winning 1st NPO Troyes, a very serious and heavy national young bird race of 455 km. This year, this topbird just pops through and became 8th best Yearling Netherlands (Pipa Rankings). Below is a part of his record.

NPO. Troyes 455 km.  1  –  6372 p. *
Fastest Distr. 7+8            12748 p.
NAT. Sector 3             3  – 17156 p. *
Melun               18  –  8062 p.
Duffel               10  –  6170 p.
Bourges            16  –  1725 p.
Meer                   2  –  1404 p.  ( 1 – 725 p.)
Feluy               10  –  1682 p.
Morlincourt         5  –   973 p.

*   Teletext mention
Car-price winner

Platino” has won in 2015 ao. :

2e Ace-p. Autumn races  Regio A2. ( 250 m.)

3e Ace-p. Total ( All races) Regio A2 ( 250 m.)       

3e Ace-p. Autumn races  Regio A. ( 500 m.)

7e Ace-p. Total ( All races) Regio A. ( 500 m.)

7e Ace-p. Autumn-races Prov. ( 1500 m.)

8e Best Yearling Allround 10 pr. from Holland (Pipa Ranking)

11e Best Old-Pigeon Allround 12 pr. from Holland (Pipa Ranking)

3e Ace-p. Autumn races Official Nat. NPO.


Here the pedigree of super hen “Swetlana”

385 swetlana

We close the list with a message from England, Imran Malik (operating under the name Malik & Khan). At Blackpool they fortified themselves with a double granddaughter of our founder “Young Lightning”. This hen, “Nala”, was born in 2013 and bred out of “Hilde” a full sister of “Harry”. This Nala breeds within two seasons, a stunning list of achievements together, which can be read on the pedigree below. We are curious about what is yet to come in the future!

026 nala

Nl 13 1962026

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