Race report Pt. St. Maxence, 9 May, 2015

11 May 2015

Race report Pt. St. Maxence, 9 May, 2015

The weather forecast for the coming weekend were not so favorable and that’s why was basketed a day later, just on Friday.
We fed the pigeons considerably, because the expectation was that it would be a Sunday flight. However, it again proves difficult to predict and therefore it was good flying weather on Saturday and at 9:45 the pigeons were released. With a strong south-westerly wind, the pigeons would have a ‘snap’ to come home, if they  are not flown too far. A good test flight to sharpen their orientation. The expectation was that the pigeons would get speeds of well over 100km / h, which would mean that a flight from the French Point Saint Maxence (337km) in 3 hours could be done.

We basketed 88 birds for this race. At 12:55 we get the first bird and within 15 minutes, we had already 31 birds at home, which satisfied us. All these 31 birds are placed at the club result, so its 35% price. We started with the 7th place against 456 birds. The pure topprizes we don’t get yet, but the birds coming home like a train and we like to see that. Our focus are the 5 One Day Long Distance races above 500km and we try to build up the form to this races.

The experience was at this quick flight important for the birds. We mainly have the older birds first at home. At our top20 birds we see only 7 yearling birds. Our yearling birds didn’t get much experience as young bird so we expect this result. Also we noticed that on this race the hens came much better than the cocks.

First arrived our beautiful hen “Lucia”, de 12/158.
Her father is “Dolce Beauty”, a son to Mr.Blue x Dolce Vita.
Her mother is “Lucy”, a full sister of “Harry” an incredible breedinhen.

Second we clocked the hen 14/021,.
Her father is an Original Dirk van Dyck, bred from two children of “Kannibaal” and
her mother is 12/421 a daughter to “Harry x Chanel No5” and she is already grandmother to 8e Nat. Troyes against 17.351 birds.

Third bird, also a hen, is 13/168, also a daughter of “Lucy” (see first bird),but now paired to a son of “800” from Gebr. Scheele.

Coming weekend we have the second middle distance race, again from Pt.St.Maxence, we see it at the ‘general repetition’ before the first Long Distance race at 23rd May. We hope, the wind blows from the north side, so that we can check the condition of the birds.

Everybody good luck !




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