8. Provincial Pont St. Maxence against 8.500 birds and top result!

19 June 2017

Last Saturday, June 17, middle distance race Pont St Maxence was on the program for our pigeons.
In view of the NPO race from Bourges (25th of June) we kept the old widowhood cocks at home.

The yearling cocks and widowhood hens (81 pieces) were unloaded at 9:15 on Saturday morning with a west-northwest wind.
For us a good wind and a test case if our pigeons are in a good shape.
The expectation of speed was that they would go around 1250/1300 meters per minute and then they had to be home at 13:30.

At 13:35 came from “the right corner”, a blue white flight cock, in one line to his loft
At 13:37 and 13:38 the next two pigeons arrived and it started to ‘rain’ pigeons from 13:42..

Our first pigeon was an “early” one, eventually resulting in a 2nd of the club, a 3rd of Region C against 2,240 pigeons
And the 8th Provincial Division 7 against 8,518 pigeons.

Hereby the top10 of our club:

In Regio C against 2.240 birds we started with: 3-8-18-50-75-77-and we clocked 44 prizecards from 81 birds (20 birds in the best 10%)

In Afd. 7 NPO against 8.518 birds we won:: 8-21-49-152-251-264 etc.
We clocked 46 prizecards from 81 birds (57% prizes) and we had 22 birds into the best 10%

Our first bird was a yearling cock, the 16/482, blue white flight and a pearl in hand.
His father is “Blauwe Bink”, a full brother to “Harry” and already father to many topprizes.
The mother is bred by Comb Colijn & Fox and is a full sister to “Blue Baron” (7x 1st prize winner).

Our second bird is 15/684, a hen. In the beginning of season 2017 she won a 3rd Asse Zellik against 10.813 pigeons.
Her father is “Harry”
Her mother is an original Herman Pouw hen.

Our 3rd pigeon is a yearling hen, 16/015.
She won till now:
6. Niergnies – 2.123 birds
6. Pont St Max – 1.262 birds
49. Pont St Max – 8.518 birds
She is also a direct daughter from “Harry”.
The mother is a daughter of “Dolce Beauty” (original Pieter Veenstra).
Dolce Beauty bred us already “Alyda” (1. NPO Bourges).

Below the pedigree from 16/482 our first one of Pont St Maxence and 8th NPO/Prov winner.
This season he won earlier 4 prizes, 2 times in the best 10%.
The last 4 races he did win his prizecards so maybe he found his shortest way home or his motivation.



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