“De Schift”, full brother Harry wins 15th NPO Issoudun !

26 July 2016

Last Sunday  the long distance flight Issoudun was on the program, a race with a distance of 589 kilometers. Our department was there along with sections 8-9-11 and turned it to a “Northern Union” discharge, with a total of 16,000 birds competing, released at 7:30 AM.

Judging by the speed of the youngsters (1500 mpm) was expected that the old birds could reached a speed of 1400 mpm. The circumstances of the pigeons were however still hotter than expected and ultimately the fastest birds make a 1300 meters. At 14:57, after 7.5 hours flying the earliest pigeon (in time) of the whole competition of 16.000 birds was clocked by teammate Christian van de Wetering, it was an original Hooymansbird (1300 mpm).

Just after three o’clock came a bird like a rocket, it was “The Schift”, the last brother Harry where we fly with! Short on a hen landed on the cover, but unfortunately the system refused to clocks. Fortunately, we quickly take here and she was finally clocked a minute or three after she arrived. Our first pigeon “The Schift” wins the 15th NPO Afd.7.

The rash Region C1 against 570 pigeons looked like this: 2-10-14-19-21-27-28-37-41-43-45-46-47 etc.
In the department against 3,489 pigeons became: 15-41-58-84-96-111-112-140 etc (79/28)
In Zone 1 of the Northern Union against 5,765 pigeons: 14-43-62-98- and 16x 1:10 (79/28)

Our first pigeon was so “The Schift”.
He is a four year old cock and comes directly from “Young Lightning x Dirkje”, it’s the only brother Harry where we fly. The Schift is hammered blue cock, beautiful construction, smooth muscle. It is packed with power and therefore it is very unfortunate that we are in Section 7 are no flights between 700-850km with morning liberation because this powerhouse is made sure to linger long in the air.


De tweede duif was onze oudste vliegduivin, de “Beauty 100”, een prima vliegduivin uit “Beauty Boy” x “Scheeleke”. Ze wint voor de 39e keer een prijs 1:10 in haar carriere. Vorig jaar was ze 19e Asduif Dagfond van Afd.7 en 13 Asduif Noordelijke Unie.


Onze derde was een jaarling. Zij komt ook uit een volle broer “Harry”, gekoppeld aan een Koopman duivin uit “Cassius”.

Afgelopen weekend zijn er ook super referenties binnengekomen, behaald door afstammelingen van onze duiven. O.a. bij  J. Hendriks & Zn., Batenburg-vd Merwe, R.v.Oss & Zn. en Bert Vandenberghe. Later deze week meer daarover.

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