Descendants of Harry 1st and 2nd in the region + fastest 11.337 birds from Quievrain!

10 August 2015

Saturday the 8th of August our race pigeons had the race of Quievrain ahead of them. In total 1804 pigeons of 78 participants got released in Quievrain, after which they had to fly home as fast as possible.

With an average velocity of 1181 mpm our pigeon 1849323-15 arrived 2nd of the record from Regio C2. 323-15 is a child of “Harry” and “Inbred Kannibaal”. Below its pedigree is represented.



Like the second prizewinner 408-14 also disposes of “Harry”-genes. Namely, 408-15 is a grandchild of “Harry” on her father’s side, like you can see below in the pedigree. In short: the top 2 of the record represented by descendants of “Harry”.

The pedigree of 408-14:


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