Topreferences last weekend with Hooymans lines!

18 August 2017

Last weekend there are again nice references at other lofts with Hooymans bloodlines.

The NPO race Roye (Afd.7) – 8,755 d. is flooded with Hooymans lines!
No less than 5 pigeons on top10 NPO teletext have direct Hooymans pigeons in their pedigree:

1. NPO   gr.grandchild “James Bond”
4. NPO   gr.grandchild “Harry”
6. NPO   gr.grandchild “James Bond”
7. NPO   gr.grandchild “Harry” en “Doutzen”
9. NPO   grandchild “Harry”

Bernard van Oerle wins 1st and 7th NPO with gr.grandchildren “James Bond” and “Harry”

Bernard van Oerle from Wijk en Aalburg achieved a super result at the first NPO race for youngbirds from Roye (280km), the same race as ours, against 8.755 birds. Bernard won 1-2-7 NPO! The first and 7th NPO have Hooymans birds in their pedigree.

The 1st NPO is bred from a grandson “James Bond” x Willemien”.
James Bond is a superbreeder and full brother “Harry”.
Willemien is a direct daughter “Harry” x “Olympic Schanulleke” (Willem de Bruijn).

The 7e NPO Roye against 8.755 birds is bred from a grandson of  ‘Harry’ x “Doutzen”.
Doutzen is a full sister Harry and won herself a 10th NPO Chateauroux Teletext.

Here the pedigree of the 1e NPO Roye


Dick v Oort wins 4th and 6th NPO Roye with gr.grandchildren  “Harry” and “James Bond”

At the same race from NPO Roye, topfancier Dick van Oort from Zaltbommel won 4-5-6 NPO. Two of his birds are bred from Hooymans lines. Dick gets these pigeons through a co-bred with R. v. Oss & Zn, Velddriel.

The 4th NPO is bred from a grandchild “Harry”.
Harry was paired to “2005 Kannibaal”. This pairing gives very good offspring at many lofts, as there is the 7th International Narbonne ZLU (’17) and 2nd National Acebird Long Distance NPO (2016) at Jo & Florian Hendriks.

The 6th NPO Roye is bred from a granddaughter of “James Bond”.
James Bond was paired to 712/13 and this beauty is a daughter to “Son Harry” x “Alexia”.

The 9th NPO Roye was achieved by teammember Christian van de Wetering and this top10 npo winner was a grandchild to “Harry”, “Stareye” (mother New Harry) and “Blue Brave”.


Also in other departments topresults were achieved. 

So,  Team GPS, Elshout won places 1 till 7 against 692 birds in the federation B.C.C. of department 3 Oost-Brabant.

Provincial against 4.626 birds they won 10th and 11th !

The federation winner (1st against 692 birds) and 10th Provincial is bred from a son of “Dreameye Harry”.
Dreameye Harry is a fantastic racing hen (1st against 11.337 birds and many more top prizes) and bred from the magic toppair   “Beauty Harry x Stareye” . This makes her also a full sister to our “New Harry” (2x 1st against more than 12.000 birds with headwinds!)


The 11th provincial Nanteuil against 4.626 birds from Team GPS is bred from a direct son of “Harry”.


Combinatie Van Wanrooy uit Geffen won from the same Nanteuil also 1st Federation CC Oss against 891 birds. Their winner is bred from a direct daughter of “Harry”.
Harry was paired to a daughter of “Hilde” (sister Harry and incredible offspring, in 2017 1st and 5th Nat. Agen Yrl and 4th International Narbonne ZLU). Look below for the pedigree of the mother of the Federation winner of Comb. van Wanrooy:


Also abroad, Hooymans birds win races…

John Crehan (UK) started his youngbirds season very good.
The 3rd young birds race (last weekend) against 394 birds he won 1-2-3-4
The week before, against 368 birds he won 2-3-5-6 
And at his first race against 337 birds he won 1-2-3-4.
These 12 topprize winners are all direct Hooymans birds.

One young bird is excellating, the 17/1410555.
This bird is 3 times the first or second bird from John:
1st Tewkesbury   –             394 b.
2nd Tewkesbury   –             368 b.
2nd Tewkesbury   –             337 b. (= 6e against 1.000 b.)
This “555” is a grandchild to both “Harry” and “New Harry”, but we also see “Sister Gloria” and “Chanel No.5”in the pedigree:

Malik & Khan (Ace Lofts) from UK have also great results.
Last week they won 1st Blandfort against 955 birds. This young bird won earlier allready a 3rd Yeovil against 1.203 birds.

One week before, Malik & Khan won also 1st federation against 1.023 birds. Their winner was bred from a granddaughter of “Harry”.

Take a look at the pedigree of 1st Blandfort – 955 birds and 3rd Yeovil 1.203 birds:

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