Topreferences in the weekend of 26th May with Hooymans birds!!!

18 June 2015


Topreferences in the weekend of 26th May with Hooymans birds!!!

  • 1e NPO Bourges Afd.2 Brabant 2000 against 8.103 birds

The 1st NPO Bourges in Afd.2 is won by L. Meter uit Sprang Capelle.
Winning bird is 13-1373404, a grandchild to “Future Boy” of Cor de Heijde.
Future Boy is a full brother to “Harry” , directly from Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje!
“Future Boy” bred earlier already 1e Nationaal Bordeaux and 24e Nationaal Bordeaux. And now, grandfather to 1e NPO Bourges!


  • 2e NPO Bourges Afd.1 Zeeland’96 against 4.520 birds

De gebroeders Scheele uit Terneuzen have won at their first NPO race: 1-2-3 NPO ! The 2e NPO winner is “De Argenton”, a direct son to “Janny” (Original Jan Hooymans). This superracer “Argenton” won:
1e NPO Argenton 3.372 d.
2e NPO Bourges 4.520 d.
3e Prov. Peronne 7.007d. (na 2 hokgenoten)
4e NPO La Souterraine 3.077 d.
4e NPO Orleans 4.308 d.
4e Niergnies 2.064 d.
11e NPO Ruffec 2.084 d.

His mother “Janny” is a halfsister to our “Antwan” (3.NPO Bergerac and 20. NPO Bergerac). Janny is a daughter to the incredible “900 hen”. 900 hen is a halfsister “Harry” and bred from “Dirkje”.



  • 1e against 1.228 birds with grandson Harry in Engeland !!

John Crehan won from the race of Portland (320km) against 1.228 duiven: 1-4-8-18-19-20-24 etc! First bird is a grandson to Harry and won earlier very nice results (see pedigree! 4th prize winner is bred from a sister to Harry and the 8th prizewinner is from “Geschelpte Gerrit” (Brother to Harry)



  • 1e Souppes against 1.987 duiven (fastest yearling and 2e fastest against 8.500 d.)

Rik Hermans has 2 super grandchildren to “Harry”.
Last weekend from Souppes (365km) 14-6058777 won 1e Souppes against 1.987 duiven. Earlier this “777” won:
3e Asduif Jong Union Antwerpen (oost)
5e Noyon (’15) tegen 1.799 duiven
8e Souppes (’14) tegen 2.127 duiven


Also Rik has the 14-6058773 and this bird won 3e prijs Souppes tegen 1.987 birds. Earlier this topcrack won:
2e Souppes tegen 1.058 d.
(6e tegen 3.350 d.)
3e Souppes tegen 1.987 d.
(5e van 2.686 d.)
9e Souppes tegen 1.187 d.
(16e van 3.403 d.)
(Behaald op de 3 hafovluchten in 2015 !!!)


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