Son of Harry wins 7.NPO at National Chateauroux !

11 July 2016

Last Saturday, 9th April, the National Longdistance Race of Holland was flown from Chateauroux (611). More than 40.000 birds were released at 7.00 and have to find their house.

We participated with 45 hens and 18 cocks, so a total of 63 birds. We wanted to race only the hens, but the cocks showed a very good form so we decided in the week before the race that we send some cocks too. A good decision, because our first bird was a cock.

We expected the birds around 14.00. Some minutes after 14h, a bird arrived directly from the south and goes quickly inside. It was our 3rd listed bird, the yearling cock 15/1849007. A beautiful checker and direct son of Harry.
His time was good for the 1st prize in the club and 7th place NPO. One week before, 007 was also our first bird (4th club). In this season he won now his 10th prizecard at 13 basketings, including 7x in the best 1%.


Seven minutes after 007, our second bird arrives, also a yearling bird, a direct daughter of Harry too! After her arrival, the birds arrived consequently. In 30 minutes arrivés 50% of our birds. The results are as following:

Club (266 birds): 1-2-4-5-9-13-15-19-21 (63/25)
Regio C (1.076 birds): 2-14-20-30-47-57-62-75-77-87 etc (63/30)
Afd7. NPO (3.587 birds): 7-29-41-67-123 etc (63/30)
Nationaal Sector III (12.989 birds): 12-51-72-114-231-288-322. (63/36). (Including 20x in the best 1%)

The 007 was our first bird. Nice to know is that a full yearlingsister of him at the first LD race from Orléans was our first bird (11th NPO !!). The pairing of these birds is: “Harry” x “Halfsister Henkie” (lijnen Scheele – Melis – Braad-de Joode). Hereby the pedigree of 007:


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