“TEAM HOOYMANS UK” on track with 3 federation victories in a row!

7 May 2019

If you win the first of the circle (federation) three weeks in a row then you can say that you have a sublime start! And Team Hooymans UK certainly knows that. Under the name Crehan & O Connor, John Crehan takes the “Hooymans UK” team to great heights!

Take a look:

On April 20, Worcester, 768 pigeons: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7!
1st prize: NL18 / 305 from “Brother Blue Brave” x daughter “Harry x New Stareye”
2nd prize: NL18 / 294 from son “Blue Brave x Dreameye Harry” x halfsister “Blue Brave”
3rd prize: NL17 / 555 granddaughter “Harry” & “New Harry”
4th prize: NL18 / 288 out of son “New Harry” x daughter “Vici”
5th prize: NL18 / 345 grandchild “Harry” & “New Harry”, sister of the 3rd prize winner
6th prize: NL18 / 321 from “Brother Harry” x “Dreameye Harry” (super sister New Harry)
7th prize: NL17 / 755 out of son “Cees” x daughter “New Harry”
See below the result and the pedigree of the first pigeon.

Result 20-04

Pedigree Federation winner 20-04

On April 29, Worcester, 779 pigeons: 1-2-8-21!
1st prize: NL17 / 709 out of son “James Bond” x daughter “Harry”
2nd prize: NL17 / 562 out of son “James Bond” x daughter “Jonge Bliksem”
8th prize: NL17 / 549 out of son “Blue Brave x Stareye” x full sister “Beauty Harry”

Federation result 29-04

Pedigree federation winner 29-04

On May 4, Tewkesbury, 968 pigeons: 1-5-8-11-15-16-17-21!
1st prize: NL17 / 561 from “Brother Harry” x “Inbred Dreampair” Mrs. Snellen
5th prize: NL17 / 709 out of son “James Bond” x daughter “Harry”
8th prize: NL18 / 305 from “Brother Blue Brave” x daughter “Harry x New Stareye”

Fed result 04-05

Pedigree federation winner 04-05

And to know that John has done a huge loss by sprinting cannon “Prodigy”, national winner “Solo Warrior” and national ace pigeon (2nd) “Blue Rose”, moved to our breeding lofts in Kerkdriel, and the previous year his 2 Olympiad pigeons has sold (all direct Hooymans)! The young team of pigeons takes over the baton in a fantastic way.
We are curious about the following results from Team Hooymans UK

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