Superracer “TGV” (Harry – line) as yet 1st National Acebird Long Distance !!

13 August 2018

Superdoffer “TGV” (Harry line) from M & M Kramer from Wormer is in the provisional state National Pigeon Championships One Day Long  Distance in 1st place. This crack won the most points of all day long distance pigeons in the Netherlands with 3x top10 NPO in long distance races from 500-750 kilomters. The advertising period on this stand has not yet expired, but the fact is that the “TGV” ends high. With distance he also became 1st Provincial Acepigeon Province 6 North Holland.

His best performances are shown below in the photo:

The pedigree is also a very nice one. On the father side we see the “Super Harry”, bred by Team GPS, from their “Inbred Harry” x “Supergirl 780”. The “inbred Harry” is a great breeding cock in several generations and comes directly from our “Harry” who was then paired to his super sister “Doutzen” (eg 10th NPO Chateauroux).

Where many people would be very lucky to be able a top pigeon like “TGV” in the lofts, the cake at Marit & Martijn Kramer is not finished yet. Because their “Red Harry” is also a true phenomenon:

1st NPO La Souterraine

8th NPO Argenton

11th NPO Argenton

50th NPO Chateauroux

The strongest thing about this story is that both “Red Harry” and the “TGV” were bred from the “Super Harry”, yes that grandson of “Harry x Doutzen”. Again proof that quality always comes to the surface, especially in a bear year with heavy flights like 2018.

From Kerkdriel the sincere congratulations for Marit & Martijn, who also on the NPO races with the youngsters also intend to have some top prizes. Below is the photo of their “Super Harry”, the father of the two top racers “TGV” and “Red Harry”


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