Great performances in South Africa (SAMDPR)

9 January 2017

Only one month to go, and the final of South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR) is there.

In the preliminary races, and Hot Spot Car races, our birds show good form.
Last week the number of our Team stays stabil, around 50 birds.
(35 under the Jan Hooymans – Hu Zhen Yu flag and 15 for Team Hooymans).
In total, around 3.000 birds are in the race.

At the moment, 4 Hot Spot Car Races and 11 Training flights are done by the birds.
In the acebird rankings, our birds doing a great job.

Today 9. January, we even have the 1st GENERAL AVERAGE acebird with “Wassert”!!
In the Hot Spot Race – acebird Rankings, we have the 5th and 9th acebird, and against the Dutch participants (around 200 birds), we are ranked 1-2-3-4-5-6th Acebird!!

Hereby the rankings:



The best Overall Pigeon (at this moment) is Wassert, raced by Jan Hooymans & Hu Zhen Yu.
His father is a cobred with Koen Minderhoud. His “Geeloger” to our “Dollar Lady” (sister Harry).
Mother of “Wassert” is a daughter to “Harry”, paired to an inbred Kannibaal (via Herman Pouw).
Here the pedigree of “Wassert”


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