Sunny St. Quentin at 2nd of May

4 May 2015

With beautiful Sunny wheather, the race from St.Quentin (259km) was flown last Saturday.

At 8.00 AM, the birds get their freedom to sprint to home. In the early morning, it was a bit cold, but during their trip, the temperatures rizes thanks to the happy shining sun.

The wind was quite variable and we think the speed of the birds will be around 75 km / h. In our club Maasbode at Kerkdriel, are basketed 474 birds including 93 birds of us. At 11:29 the first bird arrived and quick followed 5 more birds, but a hawk was hunting them so they looses some time. For the 1st place we are some minutes too late, the first place was for our team member Christian v/d Wetering, for the third time this season. We won the 2nd prize and also  12-13-14-16-19-20 and in total 29 prizes of our 93 birds (almost 30%).


Regionally in Regio C2 against 1.892 birds we start with the 23rd place and we won 8 prizes in the top100 and 17 prizes in the best 10% !

Our first bird was a yearling cock, 14/140.
His father is an Original Albert Derwa bird, from “De Zoon” (super son Paulien) paired to “Valeska” (Mother Paulien).
His mother is 13/700, a full sister to “Harry”.

The second bird was a yearling hen, directly bred from “James Bond”, paired to the super breeding hen “Mystique” from John Crehan & O’Connor (UK)
(see photo)


Our third bird was the 13/275, also a hen and also bred from star breeder “James Bond”,
paired to a beauty daughter to the famous “666” of Henk Melis !

Also, the 4th bird (Jantine) is directly a daughter to “James Bond” !!

Coming weekend the first middle distance race from Nanteuil (350km) with basketing on Thursday. We hope to prepare them for a 1st prize (if wheather is good).

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