9th April – Start of the racingseason 2016 !!

12 April 2016

Last weekend, April 9 was the big day: the official start of racing season 2016.
Always exciting what will bring us the new season. Teletext or just not..
Will the wind blows ‘favorable’ or is it not cooperate again? Are there special pigeons in our team?
Will be there a new “Harry” (with 2x 1x 1st NPO and 2nd NPO), or equals a hen the performance of our “Alyda” of 2015? (1st NPO and 8th NPO). We will see it in the coming months …

Mario bij de weduwnaars

Mario and some cocks

Saturday from Asse Zellik (124km) were unloaded our 140 pigeons at 11:45. In total, flew 3,689 (contest) pigeons in our region. The harder blowing south-east wind was not in our favor and  with this short distance it was predictable that the overflight in our region would go off with early prices. Of course they’ve got good pigeons and they are sharp, but normally it is not possible for us to win from the furthest distances in high speed races. Our first two pigeons came back from the north and forfeited a minute, but still make 1664 and 1662 meters per minute. In the club accounts for 9 and 11 against 424 pigeons in Region 36 and 40. Not spectacular, but as is often said, our priority lies with the One Day Long distance. It was especially good for us to see that our birds were fine home and have again learned something.

Our ZLU pigeons we had yesterday (11 April) behind Duffel, about 100km. A great workout with a good strong east wind. Before that we had brought them 2x a 40km training. Soon we baskets them on Saturday afternoons flights to Quievrain (basketing at our club in Velddriel), an ideal opportunity to give the pigeons kilometers. We also want to give them some extra mileage flights to Souppes (450km) (basketing Hank). The yearlings we want to give one morning-release flights and the older pigeons we would give second morning-releases. Currently they are still on shelves. All winter they’ve been together. Within a few weeks the shelves will be removed and the breeding boxes open and we are going to work towards the flights on nest-motivation.. This is done preferably as late as possible because sometimes stays away a pigeon from trainingflights and then there is immediately broken again a couple or nesting position. Another reason is because of the moult. That is why we are so late as possible will bring the birds on a nest position.

Everybody good luck with the preparations and let’s hope for a good flight this weekend.
We fly Feluy (158km).

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