Foundation pair


Without any doubts, the “Stamkoppel” is one of the best pairs ever on the world! 

In 2010, I sold exclusively, in my auction at Thorn, two children from my foundation pair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje . For the buyers it was a ‘now or never’ chance to buy.One of them is the current world record title holder ‘most expensive youngster ever “. These are the only two pigeons I ever sold and will sell directly from my main couple. Never again will I direct other children from my foundation pair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje” sell” — Jan Hooymans, Kerkdriel

The craftsmanship and feeling of Jan Hooymans told him to pair “Jonge Bliksem”, a direct son of world breeder “Bliksem” (Gaby Vandenabeele) with the superb hen “Dirkje”, a direct daughter of celebrity-breeder “Kleine Dirk” (Koopman). This pairing grabbed so great that one of the world’s best superpairs was a fact (read the total story at “Hooymans Story”). It resulted in flawlessly constructed athletic pigeons with silky plumes. Even with your eyes closed, you can feel the superb quality of these pigeons. The great smooth and limitless muscles and powerful wing with narrow, long pins are characteristic for these “Hooymans birds” ! Countless children flew on Teletext NPO, or bred Teletekst/NPO winners themselves. But also in the third and fourth generation, this couple gives a quality boost ! Their most famous child is undoubtedly the super crack “Harry” with its double NPO victory and a 3rd NPO!

But there are also many other children from the “Stamkoppel” who perform phenomenol:
– (Harry (1e – 1e – 3e NPO)
– Cees (2e-5e-11e NPO)
– James Bond (NPO kweker, vader 1e-4e-8e-9e NPO)
– Alexia (1e NPO)
– Cheryl (10e NPO)
– Laatje 56 (2e – 12e NPO)
– Donkere Herman (3e NPO)
– Ome Sjaak (4e – 15e NPO)
– Doutzen (10e NPO)
– Roney (vader van 3e-4e-7e NPO)
– Elfje (moeder van 1e-6e-14e NPO)
– Lucy (moeder van 5e-10e-13e-17e NPO)
– Jeanette (moeder van o.a. 1e NPO Blois)
– Blauwe Bink (vader van 3e-5e Provinciaal)
– Future Boy (vader van 1e Nat. Bordeaux)
– Geschelpte Gerrit
– De Drietjes (vader van 1e-5e-7e-8e-10e-16e in groot verband)
– Pep (8e Prov. Wolvertem, 10e NPO Salbris etc!)
– Dollar Lady (moeder van 100.000 Dollar winnaar SAMDPR – Zuid Afrika)
– Mother Car Winner (moeder van autowinnaar SAMDPR – Zuid Afrika)
– De Schift (1e St.Quentin regionaal)
And so on!




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