Solo Warrior wins 1st National Ancenis (700km) against 5.160 birds for John Crehan !

18 June 2018

Last Saturday, June 16, a convoy of 5,160 English pigeons was unloaded at 7:10 am for the National race from Ancenis.

John Crehan & O’Connor (Team Hooymans UK) had 1 single pigeon on this race, his “Solo Warrior” NL15-1849590.

After 7 hours and 29 minutes of flying, “Solo Warrior” tapped his chip ring on the antenna, a speed of 1662.66 mpm over 425 miles (700 km). It soon became apparent that no one in the UK could match this speed and the victory of the 1st National UK was a fact!

Also in 2018 it is still possible: 1 PIGEON in race and winning the 1st NATIONAL, what an INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENT from Mr Crehan !!!
A stunt that, besides the capacity of “Solo Warrior”, we also strongly attribute to the craftsmanship of John Crehan, a fancier who can handle pigeons super.

PHOTO: “Solo Warrior” NL15-1849590 – winner 1st National Ancenis UK

Since a few years John Crehan flies with a number of direct Hooymans pigeons, he started with the youngsters in 2014.

Barely 4 years later, he already has 2 Olympiad pigeons UK, many winners in large (combine) races on speed distances and now the 1st National on a long distance race of more than 700 kilometers! Re-proof that the Hooymans pigeons are all-round and can compete with the world top, provided by skilled pigeonsfanciers such as John Crehan.

The “Solo Warrior” NL15-1849590 is a checkered cock, bred from a pure cross.
The father of the winner is “Zhan Zi Lin”, a cock named after our Chinese friend.
This “Zhan Zi Lin” is a direct son of “Da Vinci” (P Veenstra) coupled to an inbred hen to “Kannibaal” (via Herman Pouw).

The mother of the winner is a full sister of “Harry”, directly from the breeding couple Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje.

See pedigree below


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