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13 April 2015

With a day’s postponement, the race from Asse Zellik was yesterday released at 10:15.  We had basketed 111 pigeons, about half males and half females.
The south / southwesterly promised high speeds, so normally at the shorter distance we will not go for the cup.

Our first pigeons arrived around 11:30 am, and the first four we could at 11:33 clock.  In the club meant it 13-14-17-19 against 444 pigeons. It was Christian v/d Wetering, (team member Hooymans as caretaker breeders Hooymans) who won in the club + region C2 a very nice top3!  We pack 28 prizes of 111 pigeons, which we are happy for this moment.  Of course we always want harder, but given the composition of the team (which many inexperienced yearlings)  we should not expect the extreme at this time.

The partners of the hens have been there until Sunday evening and widowers until Monday morning, to make them so nice to unwind with their beloved.
The first four of our pigeons were clocked in under a minute.
* Our first pigeon was the hen 13-1395148, from Brother Harry (from stockfather Jonge Bliksem) paired to a direct daughter of “SUPERBOY DAUGHTER x 666” of the Brothers Scheele.
* Our second pigeon was a hen, the 13-1395293, a son of the “800” (super racer Gebr.Scheele) x full sister of “Harry”.
* Our third pigeon was experienced Jantine (10-538, see pictures breeding pigeons), a direct daughter of “James Bond”.
* Fourth was the pigeon 13-1394845, a granddaughter of “Harry”. Her father is the son Harry 10-750 and is already gr.father 1st Nivelles against 28 297 pigeons!

uitslag 11-4-2015


Bossche bollen (cake) for the 1-2-3 victory of teammember Christian (l)

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