Report at Pipa: Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) sees Harry Junior as the successor for his legendary breeder Harry

12 December 2017

Today online a report at Pipa about Hooymans Pigeons. Read the whole story below:

Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL) sees Harry Junior as the successor for his legendary breeder Harry

Jan Hooymans has found a promising successor for his current stock breeder Harry: breeding bird Harry Junior. He was still in his first year as a breeder when he bred four talented and very successful youngsters, two of which have won a highly coveted teletext prizes. Those are some remarkable results indeed; he is well on his way to following in the footsteps of his illustrious sire Harry and his half brother Beauty Harry.

Jan Hooymans shows his Beauty Harry, a son of Harry and a half brother of Harry Junior

Harry Junior shows his breeding potential right away

NL2016-1663140 Harry Junior comes from the latest generation of descendants of the outstanding Harry. this pigeon is an excellent display of Jan Hooymans’s breeding competence, we will tell you all about it in this report. In his first year as a breeder (2017), Harry Junior bred no less than four youngsters with a successful racing career. Keep in mind these youngsters have been raced in different lofts, which says a lot about their potential. Feel free to take a look at their results so far; click on their ring numbers for a full pedigree:

NL17-1410057 Alies (raced by Jan Hooymans)
9th NPO Melun Province 7 of 6025 p.(teletext prize)
NL17-1410355 Daughter Harry Junior (raced by Christian van de Wetering)
9th NPO Roye  Province 7 of 8755 p.(teletext prize)
NL17-1410356 Son Harry Junior (raced by Christian van de Wetering)
1st Ace Pigeon P.V. de Maasbode in Kerkdriel
4th Ace Pigeon region C1 Province 7
7th Niergnies of 2,942 p.
32nd NPO Pt St Maxence Province 7 of 7,536 p.
NL17-1410552 Child Harry Junior (raced by John Crehan)
7th Yeovil (combine) of 2438 p.

We were joined by Jan Hooymans, fellow team member Christian van de Wetering and PIPA agent Ad Fortuin when we saw Harry Junior up close for the first time. We can assure you that this blue coloured breeding cock has the appearance of a highly capable pigeon, with soft feathers and remarkably strong tailbones. Jan Hooymans told us this pigeon has the typical Harry shape, with a wide front. We noticed during our visit that Jan Hooymans can still get genuinely touched when looking at a pigeon like Harry Junior. Jan was again captivated by this marvellous breeding cock.

Jan Hooymans sees in Harry Junior the successor to breeding bird Harry

Half brother of Beauty Harry an excellent breeder as well

Harry Junior and his half brother NL12-1784621 Beauty Harry are more or less on the same level. Beauty Harry saw the light of day in 2012, as a son of Harry x NL11-1912576 The Beauty 576 (a granddaughter of Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje). Jan Hooymans had seen how Beauty Harry had bred some remarkably talented youngsters in 2014 and 2015, and one of them was New Harry, who followed in the footsteps of his father Harry by winning two first prizes against a large field, with a considerable lead and in a strong headwind (NW and NE). New Harry gave a glimpse of his potential already in his first breeding season (2017), as you can tell from the references of New Harry and the New Harry bloodline in general. He is the cream of the crop of a group of highly talented youngsters of Beauty Harry:

NL14-1219811 New Harry
1st Niergnies    Province 7  14738 p.
1st Pont-St.-Max Province 7  12894 p.
1st Melun        region       1046 p.
9th Troyes       NPO          6390 p. (1070 m/min as young bird)
NL15-1839408 Dreameye Harry
1st Quiévrain                11337 p.

NL15-1858921 Max (raced by Team GPS)
1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking (middle distance young birds)
1st Sézanne                    740 p.

NL15-1839407 Star Harry (went missing as a yearling)
1st Quievrain    Region        3,513 p. (1243 m/min, 10 m/min lead)
4th Duffel       NPO Prov. 7   5,434 p.
9th Niergnies    Region        1,834 p.

Click here for the numerous top results of the Beauty Harry descendants in the past four seasons.

On top of that, Jan was quick to notice that these youngsters all came from the same dam. This hen lived in the lofts of Christian van de Wetering and her name was Stareye. Jan Hooymans  did everything he could to get Stareye to Kerkdriel, and surprisingly enough he did not pair her to Beauty Harry but rather to his illustrious sire Harry. And we all know what happened next: Stareye was one of the last partners of Harry, and she became the dam of none other than Harry Junior. The full pedigree of Harry Junior can be found here. This makes Harry Junior a son of Harry, as well as a half brother of Beauty Harry (from the same sire) and of New Harry (from the same dam).

A tailored breeding strategy

Jan is perhaps even more passionate about breeding world class pigeons than he is about achieving great results in the racing lofts. There is nothing that satisfies him quite as much as the prestigious results of the Hooymans pigeon breed worldwide. Jan explains: “I had the fortune of discovering a highly talented breeding bird that has really played a defining role in pigeon racing across the globe: Harry. I have been always been thinking about how many Harry descendants I would like to have in my collection in ten years. As a result, I would often choose to incorporate the Harry bloodlines into my existing pigeon breed, instead of focusing on winning races with his descendants in the short term. And this explains why many of Harry’s youngsters were moved straight to the breeding loft.”

A remarkable Family Tree

His deliberate strategy has allowed Jan to make his illustrious racing and breeding bird Harry future proof. Harry is by far the most important descendant of the equally legendary breeding pair Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje, and it was this very pair that has enabled Jan Hooymans to become an internationally renowned fancier. And NL07-2007621 Harry has single-handedly added a new chapter to Jan Hooyman’s success story: Harry won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon in the WHZB competition in 2009 thanks to his victories from Blois and Chateauroux of 37,728 pigeons and 22,340 pigeons respectively, and the references of his youngsters and grandchildren are almost impossible to keep track of. In 2017 alone Harry’s youngsters and grandchildren have won an impressive 27 first prizes (no doubles), including four victories NPO and a national first prize in Sector I. Click here for the numerous references of Harryclick here for the references of his brothers and sisters. Keep in mind these include the references of 2017 only.

Harry’s family tree, including his sons Beauty Harry and Harry Junior, and their direct youngsters
Click here for a blown up version of the Harry dynasty

Anticipate to stay ahead

It is now fairly obvious that Jan Hooymans is constantly working on refining his existing pigeon breed. In order to further improve the quality of his existing collection, he needs to look among some of the most renowned bloodlines that are currently available. Jan just recently managed to obtain Yolante (see picture), winner of two first prizes NPO for Hans Hak, and Olympic Magnum (D&P Soepboer), 1st PIPA ranking best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands 2016 – 3 prizes. These two investment give us a hint of his ambitions. Olympic Magnum is in fact a 25% Hooymans pigeon, and it will be a matter of time before his latest additions will be paired to Harry Junior.

Olympic Magnum, one of Jan Hooymans’s latest investments that should keep him on top of his game

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