Beautiful short distance race from Lessines

23 April 2019

What a beautiful pigeon weather it was last Saturday. All the ingredients for a beautiful flight day were present, a calm north-east, a clear blue sky and plenty of sun. Pleasant to wait for pigeons and a big difference with 7 days before, when the feeling temperature was almost below freezing.

We win against 4,097 pigeons from Lessines (160 km): 96-137-145-160-169 etc (125/47) so 38% prizes 1:4.
Half of our pigeons were home in fifteen minutes and the remainder followed each other well.
Compared to the week before, the pigeons were a lot better off, but the real condition and urge are still missing from both the pigeons and the boss. We still have a month and a half to put the pigeons ‘on point’ and that will be great if we keep this beautiful weather. In our satellite loft Team Hooymans NL, Wijk and Aalburg, it was a hailstorm of pigeons! Christian did win: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 against 4.097 birds. A son of “Harry Junior” did sign for the victory!

Vader van regio-winnaar bij Team Hooymans NL

In our own loft it was mainly the cocks who came first. The first 8 pigeons were cocks and among the first 25 pigeons there were only 7 hens. The first pigeon that has arrived is just over a minute apart from the rest of our pigeons and is the yearling cock NL18-5002513.
Is on the loft list as a hen because he has only become a ‘hen’ for a month. His preparation as a widower has therefore been a speed course, but he soon seems to get it. The 513 comes as an egg from Christian vd Wetering from his Hooymans pigeons, namely “Dion Harry” (3x top10 NPO) with the “136” (10th NPO Bourges). We see Harry, Alexia, James Bond and Laatje 56 in the pedigree, as well as the Blue Brave line. The “513” was played as a youngster on 5 after-line races and has managed to win four prizes, all of them more than 1:10 (or better).

See pedigree of our first one:

Laatste nieuws

Niergnies, 13-06-

Saturday, June 13, we participated for the first...



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