Super fast Menen on Saturday 25th April

27 April 2015

Two days before Kingsday, the wheather saw again not too good. Both Saturday and Sunday were the predictions that resolving the birds would be difficult.

The solution experts changed on Friday’s flight Niergnies to the westerly located Menen, because the discharge potential would be greater there.  A good example of anticipating the weather forecasts and, in our opinion these people deserve this praise.

At 14:25 could be unloaded there, with a southwest wind. Of course it will not be ideal flight, it was gray and occasional rain fell. From our club, there were 374 pigeons basketed, which 94 of us. From Menen they had to fly 185 kilometers to Kerkdriel.  It was expected that the first pigeons would fall around 16.15.  They surprised us, however, by presenting himself as early as 16:07. After some fly (pigeons were jumpy), we clocked the first two doves at 16:08 and that meant a speed up to 1786 mpm! The fastest in our club, from Jeroen van Vugt even went 1830 mpm! The pigeons were released quickly, especially given the circumstances of the weather. Nevertheless, we hope for better weather next weekend.

In the club we start turning 9-10-12-13-14-15 and 23 prizes of 94 pigeons.

club 25-4
In the region C2 against 1,762 pigeons we begin with: 15-16-18-32-34-35-57-59-68-70 and 94/29

Also in the entire department Afdeling 7 Midden Nederland, we were nicely situated with four pigeons 1: 100.
Against 15 523 pigeons we begin with: 47-50-66-155-172-174 etc. and 38 prizes of 94 pigeons (= 40%).

The first pigeon was a yearling cock, the NL14-1209212. He comes from the “4000” (brother Harry) coupled to Ariëlle (original Arie Dijkstra from Leonardo x Tinkerbell).
The second pigeon was again a yearling cock, the NL14-1209126.  He comes from 11/642 (brother Harry) coupled to a granddaughter of “Cassius” and the super couple of Gebr.Scheele. The 14/126 now won 2x 1:100 out of 3 races!
The third pigeon is a three year old hen, the NL12-1784158, “Lucia” called. She has won topprizes several times, including 6th Prov. Morlincourt to 8652 d. Her father is “Dolce Beauty” (from Mr.Blue x Dolce Vita) and her mother is a very fine hen, the “Lucy” (full sister Harry).  Below the picture of “Lucy”:



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