National victory again for Jo & Florian Hendriks with offspring of the Harry line!

24 July 2019

At the beginning of July, July 6, to be precise, Jo & Florian Hendriks roared over the competition on National Argenton Sector 1 with great force majeure.
Against no less than 9,512 pigeons it became 1-2-3-4-5! An extremely rare achievement, especially if you look at the small number of pigeons (16) that the men play with. “They will never equal this again,” everyone thought. However, these sympathetic Limburgers are not strange at all! At National Chateauroux Sector I (7,423 pigeons), another team of 14 widow men was basketed in top form. And again they were done in a masterly way: 1-2-5 National and 13 of the 14 in the prizes! Hats off to this achievement.

The 1st pigeon, the NL17-1545145 (now called “National Harry”) is one of exceptional class. At Argenton he won the 2nd National against 9,512 pigeons and previously won the 2nd NPO Montlucon. Truly a crack! His mother comes directly from Jan Hooymans and comes from “De 4000” (brother Harry) with the 2008 Cannibal hen (via Herman Pouw). See pedigree below.

National Harry, winner of 1st National, 2nd National and 2nd NPO


There is also a share of Hooymans pigeons in the 5th National Chateauroux. The father comes directly from “Harry” coupled with half-sister Henky.


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