Our top 3 of the Finale 530 km of PIPR 2019

8 January 2019

The day after the successful final of the PIPR 2019 edition, we were able to view our own toppers. Of course we were curious about the condition and pen position of the 4th, 5th and 24th finalist.
Our 3rd pigeon (24th in the final) was according to the organization the pigeon that arrived as 3rd !! Went on the floor, however, lost 15 minutes and then came 24th instead of 3rd over the antenna.

Our first pigeon, NL18-5002411, was a beautiful blue and white hen. When sending our youngbirds for PIPR to the quarantine, this was one of the most beautiful of our birds and luckily she had the “brains” besides “beauty” … What the “411” also had is an unimaginable perseverance. During one of the training sessions she was seriously injured on the wing. So much so that she had to be attached. With this ‘attached wing’ the “411” flew in both the semi-Final (430km) and in the Final (530km) in the header and resulted in the 1st Ace pigeon championship for her! We witnessed live on Sundays that one of the caretakers cut the stitches from the wing of the ‘411’, as shown below.





Our second pigeon, the NL18-5002524 was a softly plucked bold blue hammered cock. Like his father, he was a little bigger than the middle but strong in construction. His father “Harry-Birdy 62” also bred last year 2018 the 3rd Final winner in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe on 602 kilometers in heavy pigeon weather. As a son of “Harry” and “Birdy” he seems to inherit the qualities super! Mother of the 5th Final is “Stansted Express” herself winner of 9th Final SAMDPR South Africa 2016!


Our 3rd pigeon, the NL18-5002605, according to the organization was in fact the 3rd pigeon in the total field. Unfortunately, the clock counts and because he lost 15 minutes, the 605 is classified as 24th in the Final, still a top performance.
Father is an inbred son of “Harry” and he already gave the “Corrie”, 3rd NPO Bourges in our own loft.
Currently, a beautifully inbred daughter of his is on sale at Pipa: https://auctions.pipa.be/nl/auction/2019-01-jewels-sky/93681/perfect-inbred-harry

Mother of the “605” comes directly from the “Strongpair” of Mrs. Snellen & Zn and Kees de l’Or from Den Bosch. From these lines we have already raced more early pigeons.


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