NPO-middle distance flight from Sezanne (360km)

21 May 2019

We had basketed no less than 241 pigeons last weekend on the NPO middle distance race from Sezanne.
Roughly this amounts to 110 middle distance, and 130 long distance / zlu pigeons. Because the prediction for the Sunday was bad, and the pigeons were seated for Sezanne on Thursday (2 nights in the basket), we decided to include the long distance pigeons for the experience. We knew in advance that they would not win a prize, but we don’t play for championships so it doesn’t matter.

In the Department against 11,709 pigeons we win 62 prizes from the 241 entered pigeons.
11 pigeons were fond pigeons and the 22nd pigeon was our first fondrakker. Typically, these pigeons make the journey from Sezanne to Kerkdriel much more relaxed. Of the 110 one day long distance pigeons, 50 won their prize, which is almost 50%. Given the unfavorable east-southeast wind, we were not dissatisfied, only our first pigeons had been allowed to sit a little earlier.
We start with 43rd-63rd-79th of 11,709 pigeons and we take 27 pigeons 1:10. The cocks and hens were both about as good, no major differences.

Team member Christian van de Wetering flying under Team Hooymans NL took the 2nd and 3rd NPO Sezanne with a daughter “New Harry” and a grandson “Stamkoppel”. Clubmate Rien & Diny van Oss was also on Teletekst with a grandchild of “New Harry” (x Laatje 707) and the 10th NPO at Poelstra, Utrecht is also a descendant of “Harry”. We can therefore be proud that 4 pigeons in the top 10 NPO were bred from Harry lines.


The three head pigeons were all three yearlings in their own loft.

First the NL18-5002143, a cock.
His father is the “222” of Harrie Kennes (also father of “the 400” 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO).
His mother is the “806” daughter of “Harry x 5005”.

Second pigeon is the NL18-5002002, also a cock.
His father is the “Alex Harry 850” direct son of “Harry” x his sister “Alexia”.
His mother is the “Sister Blue Baron”, a hen via Peter Colijn (Colijn & Fox, Nieuwendijk).

The third pigeon is the NL18-5141058, a hen.
Her father is the “Brother Hali 056” a full brother of “Hali” (3rd Final SAMDPR)
Her mother is “Harry-Birdygirl 93”, a direct daughter of “Harry” and granddaughter of “Birdy”

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