New inforcement: “Blue Baron” !

11 September 2015

Recently we inforced the breedingloft with “Blue Baron” an incredible perfect builded blue cock, raced by Peter Colijn (Colijn & Fox)  from Nieuwendijk.

Some seasons, this speedcanon raced the stars from the sky in Afdeling 2 Brabant 2000. No less then 13 top100 provincial prizecards (against more than 10.000 birds) are achieved and in total 7 club victories. In total 17 prizecards 1:100. As yearling he became 4th Provincial Acebird Short Distance and 14th Provincial Acebird Middle Distance.

The father of “Blue Baron” is the famous “Super 8”, a topbreeder who gave with different hens top children. He is inbred to the reknown Schaerlaeckens pair “Mattens x Sissi”. The mother of “Blue Baron” is from resultlines with many Janssen blood.

Below the picture and pedigree of “Blue Baron”:



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