Niergnies with headwind

2 May 2016

Last Sunday, May 1st was flown Niergnies (230km). With a calm north wind, the pigeons could fly back home under a beautiful sunny sky. At 9:00 it was released, it was expected that the earliest birds between 1250 – 1300 mpm could get. We had 120 pigeons in the battle.

Around 12:00 we expected the earliest birds and with sun glasses on we stood gazing at the blue sky.
At 12:10 came from the south with high speed an hen, which quickly ran inside. It was the 567/14 (daughter James Bond) and she achieved in 1223 mpm. A minute later, the 2nd pigeon arrived and then it started raining pigeons, from all sides they arrived. In half an hour there were 90/120 pigeons on the clock so on that we had nothing to complain. Our first pigeon had been allowed to sit a little earlier but sits on the region still in the 1st 1%. In Region C against 3516 pigeons we get 120/34 and 120/48 in the department Afd.7 (40% rate). In the club we begin the 12th against 423 pigeons and 14 pigeons at price 58. Member (and teammate) Christian van de Wetering has again the winner and arrested nine pigeons in the top13 of the club (with 4 pigeons from the Harry line !! ) and also plays for the 2nd consecutive 1st prize of Region C, again with a grandchild “Harry”, directly from “Beauty Harry.” Also, it was the 1st Provincial Niergnies against 14.838 pigeons quite Section 7!

This “Beauty Harry” was owned by Team GPS but accidentally last week he moved back to our breeding lofts, we are very happy. His reference is already very impressive.
On Pipa is a nice overview of his breeding achievements:

“Beauty Harry” is bred from our crack “Harry”, paired to a daughter of “Beauty Boy”. Beauty Boy in turn is a full brother of Harry, from the main couple “Young Lightning x Dirkje”. Below the picture of Beauty Harry and his top references.

beauty harry 2

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