Children “New Harry” first at very heave middle & long distance races !

28 May 2018

We had to take care for a good filled glass last Saturday. With temperatures above 25 degrees and a (north) east wind it was dispense, especially for the pigeons. Our one day long distance team (60 widow hens, 15 old cocks and a 100 ZLU pigeons) were in Orleans (495km) and the yearling cocks (63) stood in Pont St Maxence. Both flights were unloaded at 7:30.


The middle distance pigeons have probably ended up in the fog because other departments that were also close to Pont St Maxence were released at least an hour later. It made this race a heavy float for our yearling cocks.
After more than 5 hours of flying at 12:37 the first pigeon arrived, good for 1097 mpm (65 km / h) which indicates the gravity of this flight.
There was nothing to see on the cock and he rushed into the loft. It was again the 17/080, son of “New Harry” x “Sister Harry 892”.
Two minutes later the next pigeon followed and then the pigeons came home every few minutes. In half an hour 40% of the pigeons were at home and at the end of the afternoon we missed 4 more. Fortunately no proven pigeons that were missing.

Results in the club against 360 pigeons: 4-5-9-20-21-24-etc (63/22)
Results in Region C against 2,010 pigeons: 18-22-35-66-67-71-82 etc. (63/33)
That is more than 50% price and we also run no less than 19 pigeons 1:10.


The long distance pigeons could fall around 15:00 hours given the speed of Pont St Maxence.
For winning the 1st NPO this was necessary, but our first pigeon was there some time later on, at 15:15.
It was a yearling hen, as well as bred directly from “New Harry” x “Sister Harry 701”.
In the club it was good for the 3rd prize. The first prize in the club (2nd in the Region) was won by team member Christian vd Wetering and his winner “De Peter” comes from 2 breeders of us (namely son of “800 x Cannibal inbreed” Gebr Scheele x Herman Pouw coupled with 745 Sister Harry).
At the end of Saturday we only had 60% of the birds home.
Fortunately, there are still a lot of fulfilled on Sunday and in the end we are missing only 4 long distance pigeons (out of 75) and some ZLU pigeons.

Result in the club: against 417 pigeons: 3-9-10-11-12-14-16-19-23-24-25-26-27-28-33-37 etc. (174/37)
Results in Region C against 1.255 pigeons: 6-22-27-28-29-32-39-51-65-67 etc (174/37)
NPO Afd.7 against 5,228 pigeons: 45-102-132-133-135-141 etc. (174/37), of which 18x 1:10.
27 of our 75 long distance pigeons win their prize (33%).
10 of our 99 ZLU pigeons win their prize (10%).
We are not satisfied with the result but we are happy with this good test case for the pigeons to see what “kind of meat” we have in the loft in terms of endurance and recovery capacity.

Which birds were in the front?

The first at Pont St Maxence was NL17-1410080 a blue yearling cock.
His father is “New Harry“, two times first against more than 10.000 birds, also with headwinds.
His mother is “Zus Harry“, full sister  Harry from the stock pair.
Our 4th and 7th birds are also direct children of “New Harry”, but paired to different hens.4e en 7e duif zijn overigens ook directe kinderen van “New Harry” maar dan gekoppeld aan andere duivinnen.

Second birds was NL17-1410056.
His father is “Harry Junior” breeding talen who bred 2 top10 NPO birds in his first year of breeding (2017). Bred from “Harry” x “Stareye” (mother New Harry).
His mother is “Dochter Blue Brave” from Chr. v.d. Wetering.
The 056/17 won 6 prizes in 7 races in 2018, with 5 times 1:10.

Thirth birds is from a son “Harry x Paulien” (co-bred Albert Derwa) paired to daughter “Alexia”.

Below the pedigree of our first pigeon in the middle distance:

On the one day long distance our first bird was a widow hen, a yearling.
The NL17-1410048.
Her father is “New Harry”, who is also the father of our first pigeon in the middle distance.
Her mother is “Sister Harry 701”, full sister of Harry from the breeding couple.

Second pigeon was the NL14-1209225.
Father is a direct Arie Dijkstra.
Mother is a sister of Harry.
He won 11th – 29th – 77th NPO on long distance races in earlier seasons.

Third pigeon was NL16-1662732.
Direct daughter of “Harry”.
Mother is “Mother Vici” via Victor Massart.
The 732 takes 7 prizes on 7 flights so far this season.

Below the pedigree of our first pigeon in the one day long distance:

Below the photo of “New Harry”, on whom we had a child first on both flights:

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