Nice semi-National flight from Chateaudun on Sunday, July 21

23 July 2019

Finally a flight without showers on the flight line. We were hardly used to it this season because almost every week there were showers that hindered the normal course of the flights. Last Sunday, however, it was great flying weather, blue skies with clouds and wind from western directions, varying from southwest to northwest and everything in between.

On the semi-national flight from Chateaudun, where sections 7 to 11 were parked with a total of 12,946 pigeons, of which 8,435 pigeons (sector 3) and 4,511 pigeons (sector 4) who were released at 7:15. Distance to Kerkdriel: exactly 500 kilometers. The earliest pigeon in time and also the fastest pigeon of the entire competition was clocked at 13:03 by Team Hooymans NL from Wijk and Aalburg, the “Brave Harry” managed to win this great competition. More about that later.

Our first pigeon was there at 13:13, the NL17-1410398 scratch widower. The arrivals followed each other pretty quickly and the pigeons showed a good drive and that was much less earlier this year. The result was excellent because with 85 pigeons we won no less than 50 prizes in Sector 3 (59%) of which 29 were 1:10. In our section 7 against 2.796 pigeons we start with a nice teletext listing (8th NPO) and the total result as shown below:



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