Beautiful references from Hooymans pigeons in heavy long distance weekend

13 July 2018

In the weekend of July 7, long distance races were scheduled in all departments, which due to the weather conditions were all labeled as ‘heavy to very heavy’. Circumstances in which the Hooymans pigeons excel. And that was to see, because in various lofts top notations were made with pigeons from the Hooymans strain.

Diny van Oss, Velddriel:  2nd National Bourges against 16.658 birds with grandson “James Bond”
To stay close to home first, even in our own club. There Diny van Oss from Velddriel played the 2nd NPO and also 2nd of the National Sector and Northern Union from Bourges against no less than 16.658 pigeons.
This top performance was achieved by a cock, bred out of a direct Hooymans pigeon, coupled against a 1st NPO winner of Diny van Oss himself. The Hooymans cock comes directly from “James Bond” (brother Harry) accompanied by the “712/13” (daughter of Alexia). So in fact the father of the 2nd National is a ‘Son James Bond’ but also ‘Grandson Alexia’. Also ‘Harry’ even comes back in the pedigree, so the stock pair “Jonge Bliksem x Dirkje” is represented three times! See the pedigree card below:



Teammember Christian van de Wetering takes in the same race the 8th Nationaal Bourges against 16.658 birds, with an original hen from Jan Hooymans. This hen is bred from “Broer Harry” (NL10-1864807) x “Ariëlle” (Arie Dijkstra). See picture below of the 8th National:

8th National Bourges against 16.658 birds



Gert Jan de Hoogh & Zn, Oosterhout: 2nd NPO La Souterraine against 3.087 d. with grandson “Beauty Harry”
The “Willie” from Gert Jan de Hoogh & Zn once again achieves a great performance.
After the victory at Chateauroux in Rayon 3 De Baronie (2017), the “Willie” now again wins the 1st from Rayon 3 De Baronie on La Souterraine (650 kilometers). It was also good for the 2nd NPO in Province 2 Brabant 2000. The father of “De Willie” is a direct son of “Beauty Harry”, named “Casanova” and owned by Goorbergh-Couwenberg.
This “Casanova” has already bred more beautiful top marks. Below the pedigree of “Casanova”


In the same NPO departmend the toploft Combinatie Colijn & Fox wins 14th NPO La Souterraine with an original Jan Hooymans cock. This bird is bred from “Broer Harry” (NL11-1912566) paired to a hen of Mevr. Snellen & Zn.



Also, combinatie Hoffman – Regtop from Den Helder once again in the top!
They are already very strong all season. Recently we made mention on this website of super quotations obtained by them with pigeons from Hooymans lines. Last Saturday it was again this time: 2nd NPO Argenton against 2,853 pigeons (744 kilometers, on 1 of the furthest distances!) By NL17-1159746.
This super yearling again takes his second teletext mark, after the 8th NPO Chateauroux !!
On both sides of his card we see the link “Harry x Rosita” coming back. Rosita is a daughter of “Roney” (full brother of Harry).

De 746, na de 8e NPO Chateauroux, nu de 2e NPO Argenton !


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