Nice result at Blois ! Direct son Harry wins 10th NPO !

9 August 2016

The last middle distance race of season 2016 is already behind us. Last Saturday, August 6th was the flight “Blois”. For the third time it was a NU-flight, a nice competition with a combined solution of the 5 departments 7-8-9-10-11.
We like these big releases, because you will often get a nice spread and because the numbers of birds a victory is impressive.

At 7:45 the release signal was given and the pigeons were home. Along the way they had to deal with wind from predominantly westerly directions. We had 72 pigeons in the basket, 40 hens and 32 cocks.

Judging by the speed of the youngsters (+ – 1500 mpm), the pigeons were already falling before 14:00. That proved a bit overestimated because at just after half past three the first pigeon arrived. The flight had been a little too easy for our white flight cock because he was flying rounds for a few minutes. Straight from the south, number 2 arrived and landed directly. It was again the yearling cock “Harry Holland” and he was clocked here as the first of our loft. Short after him followed the white flight cock. Shortly after him again a cock, the “Jean” and the fourth pigeon, “The Schift” (Brother Harry) was also a cock. Then arrived a few hens.


uitslag blois

In the club against 135 birds the results are: 1-2-3-5-6-9-10 etc
In regio C1 against 399 birds we won: 3-4-5-7-8-25-26-27-28 etc!
At NPO level Afdeling 7 against 2.310 birds we won: 10-11-12-16-17-46-47-48-50-67- etc. 14 birds top100 NPO, 25 birds 1:10 and 39x prizes (54%).

Our first bird was yearlingcock “Harry Holland”, direct son of “Harry” paired to halfsister “Henky 98” (superracer Braad-De Joode). After a stunning 7e NPO Chateauroux  “Harry Holland” achieved now a second top10 notion, 10th NPO Blois from 2.310 birds!

harry holland


The second bird on clock (but first arrived) was “Witpen Boy”, bred from an original Arie Dijkstra cock paired to a sister of “Harry”. Now he wins 11th NPO Blois from 2.310 birds.

witpen boy

Third bird was a yearlingcock, on his first long distance race. He won 12th NPO Blois. His father is a full brother “Beauty Harry” and his mother is “Jeanette” (sister Harry and mother to 1st NPO Blois )



The 4th birds was the 4-year old “Schift”, full brother Harry!

Last race he won 15th NPO Issoudun and now a very nice 16th NPO Blois!

de schift


Our fifth bird was the 5-year old “Beauty Hen”, our most stabil bird of this season. She won 3 times 1:100, but also a 41st NPO Issoudun against 3.498 birds. Her father is “Beauty Boy” (brother Harry). Her mother is a direct daugther to the superpair of Gebr Scheele.

A good final race for us.


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