Direct son “New Harry” sprints to 1st against 4.944 birds at Asse Zellik!

16 July 2018

No less than 188 youngsters we had been basketted for the first young pigeon flight from Asse Zellik (124km). With the warm weather conditions we had hoped that early release would take place. This picked up differently and the pigeons did not take off until 8:40. If we ourselves (young) pigeons laps in the morning, we do that on hot days preferably at 6:00 am with the thought that they can already search until 10:00 without getting in real heat .. The wise men of the IWB, (release and wheather institute) however, know better and prefer to solve as late as possible, incomprehensible. Our department is partly listening to the IWB and is walking a bit in the middle of the road. So not very early release, but also not very late. So at 8:40. It is a pity that nobody has the ‘guts’ to simply unload young pigeons at 6:00-6: 30. Are we afraid that fanciers will be out of bed too late? Everyone lost Saturday from 7:30 am, then the sun already burned for at least one and a half hours on the cars ….

Anyway, 8:40 our pigeons went loose, at 10:21 our first pigeon arrived, a single arrival and proudly he made 3 minutes of laps around the loft, without other pigeons coming along. Of course, we were not immediately comfortable with it. Eventually the first pigeon passed at 10:25 am on the antenna, a pigeon from “Son New Harry” x “Granddaughter Alexia”. Then it took no less than 7 (!!) minutes before five other boys arrived. The arrivals succeeded very slowly and at the end of the afternoon we had a 100 youngsters (out of 188) at home. In the evening hours and the Sunday, some 30 have been fulfilled, but we do suffer substantial losses (perhaps unnecessarily).

We have a nice team of happy, but fanciers with fewer pigeons can sometimes be burned with such flights in one go.

Our team member Christian van de Wetering did a great job with the Hooymans pigeons.
He compete against 4,069 youngsters: 1-2-3-19-21-22-28-etc.
Including old pigeons there were 4.944 pigeons in competition and of these are also the fastest 3 pigeons.
It is also the three fastest pigeons of the day of Section 7 of all different discharges, around 20 meters per minute faster (against more than 15.000 birds). It shows again the all-round class of the Hooymans pigeons, and that they can compete with (and certainly not doing under for) the best sprint pigeons in the world.

First prize winner against 4.944 birds is bred from “New Harry” x “Vici”.
“New Harry” wins 3 massive 1st prizes (14.737 birds, 12.894 birds, 1.046 birds)
“Vici” wins 2 times 1st federation at Henk Hoekstra (Afd.11) as youngbird and is bred by Victor Massart (B).

Here the picture of 319/18,  1e Asse Zellik at Christian:

Child New Harry and winner 1st against 4.944 birds


Second prize is for a youngbird bred from “Son Stareye” x  “daughter New Harry” and thirth prize winner is bred from ‘Beauty Harry‘ x ‘New Stareye”.

Below the pedigree of the winning pigeon and also the photo of “Vici” who has already bred 3 NPO Teletext pigeons (not yet updated in the photo).

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