Grandson Harry becomes 2nd National Acebird LD NPO !

30 September 2016

The yearling cock 15-1130889 from Jo & Florian Hendriks is topcandidate for 2nd National Acebird One Day Long Distance NPO 2016 !!

After won several nice prices as young bird, the “889 Grandson Harry” won this season 2 times top10 NPO and put himself at the national spotlights! He became 1st Provincial Acebird One Day Long Distance already. Here his photo with his best results:


Father to “889” is “KANNIBAAL HARRY”, direct son of “Harry” paired with “2005” (inbred Kannibaal via Herman Pouw).
Mother to “889” is bred from the lines of “King Kong” and “Kleine 273” of Hendriks.



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