Jo & Florian Hendriks launch at Argenton: 1-2-3-4-5th National!

15 July 2019

Last weekend, July 6, the Sector Flight Argenton was scheduled for Sector 1. It was a competition with 9,512 one day long distance fighters, of which 16 were widowed by Jo & Florian Hendriks from Nijswiller.

These sympathetic Limburg fanciers have been coming to us for years and plenty of good pigeons have been exchanged. A few years ago, Hendriks & Son even had the 2nd national ace pigeon Dagfond, bred from a direct son of Harry. Our breeders in turn receive the beautiful FloJo feed, which is marketed by Paloma. A beautifully balanced breeding mix that our breeding team is fed all year round as a basic mix.

Back to Argenton, at 9:00 the fighters were released and at just after 4:00 pm Jo and Florian clocked their first pigeon (571km) and within a few minutes there were already 5 at home. They make an incredible stunt result and win 1-2-3-4-5 National Argenton (and 12 of the 16 in the prizes). A unique and rare achievement that makes the competition lick their wounds.



Of course it is a very awarded and wonderful achievement for Jo and Florian, but what makes it extra nice for us is that the direct Hooymans pigeons are represented in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th National!

The 1st National is bred out of a direct son “Harry” (coupled against Halfsister Henkie).
The “Perfect Harry” (14/074) in turn is the nest brother of the 14/073 and with “New Harry” she already gives 2 pigeons that have flown top 10 NPO!


The 2nd and 4th National Argenton against 9,512 are both bred from 658/16, a direct Hooymans hen bred from “De 4000” (brother Harry) x inbred Kannibaal (via Herman Pouw). The 5th National comes from “Golden Mix”, also a direct Hooymans cock. Previously father 1st NPO Orleans and now therefore of the 5th National Argenton. He is a grandson of “Harry x Princess Gloria” and “Geeloger x Alexia”, 4 powerful pigeons.

Below the pedigrees.



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