Good race from Peronne, 19th May

22 May 2018

Last weekend, the pigeons of Section 7 were released on 20 May in Peronne (265km) at 10:00 hours with a day delay.
It was beautiful weather, blue sky and a lot of east in the wind. In spite of this not the best wind we had confidence in our 140 fighters and they did not disappoint our expectations.

At 13:37 2 pigeons came from the right corner, 1 of which hung over the antenna and still flew again. The other (cock) walked directly inside. At 13:40 the next pigeon arrived and then a real rain of pigeon arrivals followed. Within fifteen minutes more than 50% of our pigeons had arrived and within an hour we were home to a few.

In both the club and the region our first pigeons proved to be beautiful time pigeons.
It eventually became 4 and 7 in the club against 711 pigeons.

In Region C against 3.209 pigeons: 9-13-27-28-53-62-67 etc.

75 prizes from 140 pigeons (54%).
43 prices 1:10 (31%).
The distribution in terms of prices between cocks and hens was about the same. However, this time 3 of the first 4 pigeons were hens and that was different every week so far.

See below the pigeons 1:10 in the Region:

The first pigeon is a late young bird of 2017, a scratch cock NL17-1410735
Last week he won 42nd Nanteuil from 3,607 pigeons.
Below is his pedigree.

The second pigeon, also a late in 2017, is a hen NL17-1410863.
Her father is “Strong Trilboy” via Christian van de Wetering.
The 7th and 10th prize winners in the Region are also direct children “Strong Trilboy”.
The mother of the 863 is “Jonge Jamy” direct daughter of “James Bond” x “Laatje 56”!

The third pigeon is the NL17-1410537 also a hen.
Her father comes from “Harry” with “Princess Gloria” (Bert vandenBerghe)
Her mother comes from “Geeloger” (Koen Minderhoud) with “Alexia”.

A beautiful general for the first long distance race (500km) of 26 May.
We plan to play all the hens and the old cocks.

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