Henry Dekker has 3rd National WHZB-TBOTB Acebird Youngbirds with offspring Hooymans pigeons

1 April 2019

With “Lynn” Henry Dekker has the 3rd WHZB-TBOTB ace pigeon Young Short, she is a descendant of Hooymans pigeons!

Henry Dekker – Jan Hooymans – Henk Borger

Henry Dekker from Manderveen has been flying at a high level for years. Recently he even became General Champion of CC Twenterand.
This season there was a very special hen among his young pigeons, the NL18-5164867. A real forward flyer who unfortunately came in very badly. Four weeks in a row she flew beautiful top prizes despite the poor arrival, which resulted in the prestigious championship 3rd National Ace Pigeon Young Short at WHZB-TBOTB!

The father of the “67” comes from good lines of Henry Dekker and his mate Henk Borger.
The mother is bred from 2 direct Hooymans pigeons, and there is a special story to this.

In the spring of 2004 Henry caught a beautiful fat-blue old cock, the NL02-1863531. This belonged to Jan Hooymans and he was happy to hear that his favorite cock had been taken care of. So he drives to Manderveen to pick up the 531. As a token of appreciation, Jan promised Henry that he would have a youngster from the catcher if it became a good pigeon. At the end of 2004, Jan Hooymans calls a surprised Henry Dekker. “Twice the 1st is good enough,” asked Jan. “The pigeon that you caught in the spring, the 02/531, flew twice the 1st afterwards. He has flown several top prizes at all distances and I call him “The Vooruitvlieger”. I have a beautiful young pigeon ready for you, the NL04-1038811.
Henry, of course, had an ear for it and came to pick up the 811/04 “Son of Vooruitvlieger”.
A few years have passed and it is a coincidence that a clubmate of Henry once again catches a pigeon of Jan Hooymans. A very good Perpignan racer. Jan Hooymans contacts Henry and asks if Henry wants to pick up that long distance pigeon from his clubmate. Henry agrees with this and even offers to return the pigeon directly to Jan (a 1.5-hour one-way ride!). Jan and Henry meet again and Jan asks about the breeding performance of the “Son Vooruitvlieger”. After an animated conversation, Jan walks to his loft and takes the NL09-1375261 from the loft, a late young hen (from “Son Jonge Bliksem” x “Granddaughter Jonge Bliksem”) and gives it to Henry with the words: “Put this one against that “Son Vooruitvlieger” and you are going to get good breeding material from it “.
Satisfied, Henry returned home and thought about how beautiful the pigeon sport can be among each other.

However, Henry thought: “I will try to fly with those pure Hooymans”. He coupled the two direct Hooymans pigeons and went flying with the boy. Several top prizes were achieved, but the youngsters were lost at the end of each season. (too much inbreeding). Finally Henry kept a youngster from this couple behind to go and breed with it, and that turned out to be a bull’s-eye. The children from this were immediately found to have the head flies and Henry bred a few more youngsters from this Hooymans x Hooymans clutch and kept them for his breeding loft. Unfortunately the Hooymans hen 09/261 died shortly thereafter.

Last season, in 2018, Henry had the 3rd best young bird briefly at WHZB-TBOTB and you can already guess where this pigeon was bred from… indeed from a daughter of the Hooymans x Hooymans pair. The young pigeon, called “Lynn”, NL18-5164867, was of exceptional class. For five consecutive weeks she arrived 1st in the loft of Henry Dekker, but she could not be detected. Only after a few other Henry boys often walked in did “Lynn” come in. Henry has had pigeons for several decades, but he says he has never had such a top pigeon. A young pigeon that arrives first in the loft week after week is unique, or as Henry says: “Lynn is a real Vooruitvlieger, as her ancestor was also called in the loft of Hooymans”.

That Henry is a true pigeon fancier is evident from the fact that he recently came to coffee with his pigeon mate Henk Borger in Kerkdriel and when his favorite “Lynn” donated to Jan Hooymans so that hopefully she could add something extra to the Hooymans colony. can give impulses!


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