Harry lines perform super on NPO Chateauroux

11 July 2019

The pigeons were not given a gift last weekend on the NPO and National (Sector) flight from Chateauroux (610km). The release was already at 6:50 am and during the return trip the pigeons had to deal with a mainly west to northwest wind. After more than 8.5 hours of flying, the first pigeons arrived at our home (1215 mpm), so we definitely had to work. Our first three pigeons win 29-30-34 NPO against more than 3,200 pigeons. The first and third pigeon come from “Dolce Beauty” (Veenstra) coupled with “Alexia” (1st NPO Chateauroux, sister Harry). The second pigeon was a son of “New Harry”. In total we get almost 50% prize (28/62) and a nice number of 1:10, but the conclusion is that we don’t get the real form on the pigeons yet. They are healthy, in good condition, but the motivation and drive are still a long way off. So work on the store to push through to the real head of the result. Hopefully the season didn’t end too early for us, but we’ll see.

Our clubmates Rien & Diny van Oss, not to mention Irving & Erik, from Velddriel, made a world result at NPO Chateauroux.

They win 1-2-and-4th NPO Chateauroux and run a very high prize percentage. The form drips off their pigeons. What makes this victory extra nice for us is that both the 1st NPO and the 2nd NPO have been bred from direct Hooymans pigeons that they have obtained from us. Their trust in our Harry lines is rewarded again. Also the 4th NPO has a part of “Harry” blood in it, because the mother of the 4th NPO is bred from a grandson of “Harry”. Our congratulations and a deep bow for this NPO violence are well deserved from this place.
The 1st NPO is bred from “De Kromsnavel” and that is a grandson of the nest brothers “Harry” and “Cees”. On the mother’s side of the NPO winner we see the “Harry” coming back a few generations ago, but we can’t speak of inbreeding here anymore.
The 2nd NPO was bred from “Harry 608” and that is a direct son of “Harry” and a very good thing to see in his breeding performance.

Below the pedigree cards of the 1st and 2nd NPO Chateauroux

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