Hard work in the cold from Quievrain

25 April 2016

It seemed as November, last Saturday … With a degree or 8 we had to do it, and often a few cold shower of rain. Our region was once again liberated in Quievrain, at 10:00 and we had 122 birds competing.

The wind was mostly from northern directions so for everyone fairly equal opportunities for an early prize. The speeds we expected at around 1200 meters per minute, and that would mean that we had to clock just after 12:30. That knocked reasonable because at 12:38 arrived the first 3 pigeons. Because of a floating stork it took some time to get them in but at 12:39:33 they were on the system. They were two yearling hens and a 3 year old hen (Annie, 10th NPO Bourges) who showed the front. In just 20 minutes we had 50% of the team inside and therefore we were satisfied.


In our club against 362 birds we won 9-10-11-13 etc. and 33 prizes of 122 birds.
In Regio C against 3.569 birds we had 8 in the top100 and 45 prizes (37%) including 21x in the best 10%.

Winner in our club was for the third consecutive week our team member Christian van de Wetering, who had a topresult with 1-2-3 etc!. His winning birds reached a speed of no less than 1243 mpm and he was 5 minutes ahead of the 2nd prize. Also, Christian won the 1st prize of the total Region against 3.569 birds (with 10mpm ahead). What is particularly nice for us is that his 1st pigeon is a grandchild of Harry. It is a yearling cock named “Star Harry”, born of a joint breeding of “Beauty Harry” (Team GPS) and the super hen ‘Stareye ” (Christian). From this pairing is also bred the 1st Ace of Netherlands Youngsters Long Distance of Pipa Rankings in 2015!  Below you can see the bloodlines which the pigeon is bred. Again a descendant of “Harry” who knows how to make a difference!


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